Happy New Year from Oasis Village

First and foremost let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.
As 2016 comes to a close we look back with joy at everything that has been accomplished at Oasis Village in 2016.

The Children

We now have 33 children living at Oasis Village – the place is buzzing and very noisy as we now have 11 children between the ages of 1 and 4 years. The new children moved in during October.....it took a while for some of the existing kids to accept them ..... but we’re all one BIG happy family now and the older kids are loving being big brothers and sisters and looking after the babies. Everyone is well settled.....although I still have some concerns about the triplets, Given (girl), Miracle (boy) and Blessed (boy). They will turn two in March and Miracle still isn’t walking. They were very malnourished when born and were put into an orphanage in Lusaka so I think they were maybe a bit neglected and not fed enough and therefore haven’t developed in the way that they should. They all still fit into newborn nappies. Blessed has now started walking and Given was already walking. Please pray for all the children and their health, but especially for these three.

All the children aged seven and above have just returned from Bible Camp where they were learning about the Armour of God. They had great fun and made lots of new friends. While they were away I took the little ones out to ‘SPUR’ restaurant to celebrate Anita and Moses’s birthday as they had turned 2 the previous week – the children had great fun with most of them having their first ever taste of birthday cake.

We’re looking forward to Christmas. On Christmas Day, because it’s a Sunday the children will take the service, they will do a nativity, sing some carols and Gillrinnoh will preach. Then on Boxing Day we will have a fun day at Oasis with a water slide, bouncy castle and of course a BBQ with lots of yummy food and drinks. Its then that we will give the children their Christmas presents.

In January Moses, Anita and Sylvia will start school (baby class) for the first time, which will be very exciting for them. We also have a new house mum called Auntie Helen who is in the new girls house. Then Uncle Edwin, who was working at Oasis has become a house dad for some of the older boys.

Mountainside Primary

Our school continues to grow and in January we will introduce Grade 7 and these children will write exams in December 2017 and then depending on their results they will be placed in Secondary Schools. We recently had some football matches against Simba International School. The U10 boys won 3-1, the U12 girls lost 6-0 (we need to work on this one!!) and the U12 boys won 4-1. So overall very pleasing results!!

Our computer lab is up and running and the pupils are enjoying having computer lessons. At the weekend the Oasis children get extra time to learn computers along with their music lessons.As the school grows we need to employ new teachers and also Teacher Kenny has been blessed with an opportunity to go to China to study to become a doctor. He will be greatly missed and we need to find a replacement for him too. Please pray that we find good teachers with a heart to really want to give 100% to teach the children to the best of their ability. Also pray that the standards of the school will continue to improve and that we will be well known for the quality of education we provide within Ndola.

Lift Team

We were blessed to have a team to come and help for two weeks in November from an organisation called LIFT (Labour in Faith and Trust).

The team comprised of seven people - 2 from the North and 5 from the South of Ireland. We had great ‘craic’ with them and they accomplished so much in the time they were here. The team included a joiner, electricians and a plumber and they did so much in Oasis using these skills. Built in wardrobes were built into the houses that have recently become occupied with new children. Existing plumbing work was improved and a new water tank erected. Then all the wiring was put into the guest house, which is now near completion. They even found time to put a shower in our bathtub at home and fix the hot water system so that we now have hot running water....no more bucket baths for me!  To top it all off they took everyone from Oasis to Hungry Lion for dinner and they also donated football tops to Mountainside Primary. The children looked so smart when they went to play Simba School.
We look forward to more teams coming in the future.

Elim Christian Fellowship

The church continues to grow, almost every Sunday we have visitors. We are looking forward to New Years Day when one of our pastors, who has been a widower for some time now is getting married to a widow in the congregation. We are looking forward to the celebration.

Then early in the New Year we are planning to plant another church in a local village. We will then have three churches under the ELIM fellowship and God willing we hope to plant more in the future. One of the main visions behind Oasis is to see churches planted, souls saved and people living lives to glorify God.

I think all that’s left for us to say is a HUGE thank you to everyone for your constant prayers and support. You make life so much easier for us. We are really looking forward to coming back to Northern Ireland next year in April for a few months and we hope to see all of you.

God Bless You All,
Lots of love,

Nicki, Ziso, Zach, Zoe & Zara xo

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