February Newsletter 

Well January was kicked off with a bang but not from a firework, not one in sight in Bayonne, they were all in December but what a busy and productive month we have had.

It started with Kevin’s mum arriving on 1st January for a week which was an encouragement and blessing after a very quiet Christmas alone in France.

We started our first home group on Thursday 12th January, with a meal and leading into a time of worship (some in French) followed by a discussion about ‘iron sharpening iron’. It blessed our socks off I have to say. We met again the week after, kicking off with a dessert evening, totally a new thing for the French who attended but they also entered into the spirit of the evening, leading into a discussion on forgiveness. Praise God for starting this group, six months after our arrival in France. It is so important to honour God for His new beginnings. We will continue to host this group weekly.

Kevin was invited to preach at Zone d’Espoire church in Toulouse on Sunday 15th January. So we set off for Toulouse on the Saturday as it is 300km away. We were totally blessed to be invited for an African meal in the evening at Pastor Johnson’s house the food was incredible not to mention the company and conversations around the table, such a huge encouragement to us. This was Kevin’s first time at preaching through an interpreter, a wonderful experience and the first of many we hope. The interpreter was very gifted and so it flowed well. After the service, the pastor asked us to go and pray for the owners of the nightclub across the street from the church, what an awesome privilege that was, the owner was sadly away but Teresa was able to pray for his partner. Where do you go to church where free NON-ALCOHOLIC cocktails are served afterwards as a thank you?? Tea and coffee just won’t cut it from now on after church!

As previously mentioned, we have been intentionally breaking bread once a week in different areas of the St.Croix quarter of Bayonne. We also pray twice a week here particularly, asking the Lord for open doors into this multi-cultural area of need. We have two of our many French lessons in the community centre there and are trying to get our face out there so we can step in at anytime should the opportunity present itself.


Big thank you to a Claire Robinson who contacted us from an Elim Church in Rydale asking if she could present our mission to the church she attends on their Missions Sunday! What a blessing and encouragement that was, that there are people out there who care and are closely following God’s mission here in Bayonne. Glory to God!

Some of our closest friends from the UK came to visit last weekend with their children. It was such a beautiful blessing to do ‘church’ together in our apartment. To hear the children singing ‘Lighthouse’  was an amazing expereince. No matter how long or how recently one has been walking with the Lord, we ALL need one another.

As always a heartfelt thank you for all who are journeying with us on this mission, we do not take any of you for granted and pray for you often.

Prayer Points 

  • Pray for our home group, for multiplication, discipleship, growth, unity.
  • Pray for open doors of opportunity in St.Croix, Bayonne.
  • Pray for open doors in our conversations as they look to partner with possible organisations to help run a project.
  • Pray that God would gather and send a team to join in the work of this mission asap.
  • Pray for more sponsors to stand with them on this mission to enable them to meet all the daily living costs and future missions costs.

Many Thanks,

Kevin & Teresa Pickup.

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