The MPower Challenge is building on the amazing work done by the men of the Enable who challenged themselves to raise money for the Elim Missions BE:Free Campaign.

Having ran, swam, cycled, walked, and all manor of crazy things, Elim Missions is partnering with MPOWER to call on the men of Elim to raise money to help men, women and children caught up in human exploitation.

From sex trafficking in Cambodia, assaulted women in the DRC to child Soldiers in Uganda you can join with other men to help those in desperate need.

Could you get together the men in your church and challenge yourselves to raise money for BE:Free?
The challenge could be anything from a 24 hour Dart-athon to a ‘who can eat the hottest curry’ competition. You might be able to do a marathon or a team triathlon, the event isn’t the focus but raising money with other teams of men across the UK is, as, together, you can make a huge impact.

Don’t be put off because you think you might only be able to raise a small amount - if every man in Elim raised a small amount just think of the difference that could be made.

Ready to get involved?

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The difference we can make: