Happy New Year to you all! And what a start to 2017 it has been!

It has continued to be a little crazy and chaotic at times as we get to know our new kids, but we are so excited to be running the after school club at the Light House! Here is how it has all been happening… 

Registration Day

Pic 1I suppose we were a little nervous as we invited the local community to our registration event at the beginning of January (a feeling we have become quite familiar with as everything has been so new this month!) It was so good to meet the Mums, and 1 Dad, as they came to sign their kids up for Light House club. We had 25 kids sign up, then more arrived on the first day of club, so we are now officially full! 

We launched the club with an induction day where the kids arrived in small groups to get a feel for the Light House, to talk about the daily schedule and rules, and of course to have some fun!

After School Club
Pic 2After that, there was nothing left to do but launch the after school club for real! It has been a learning curve for us, but we are so excited to finally be at the stage where we have these kids coming in to the Light House. When they arrive we have time for homework, then a fresh fruit snack followed by classes of various description (art, English, sport etc.) and free play. This time for us is really about creating a foundation here in the community and building good relationship with the kids. We would really appreciate your prayers over those things as we get going. 

English Class
We are also continuing with our English classes, only now in the Light House! Having our own space has given us a lot more freedom. We are able to split the kids into smaller classes based on age and ability which not only makes for a much more effective learning environment, but we’ve already found that it is so much easier to get to know our kids well and build friendships with them. 

Prayer Points

  • Pic 3For relationship with the parents and families of the kids, that we will have good standing in the community.
  • Deeper encounters with the Father’s love, that we will pass this on to the children.
  • Protection, safety & health. Travel prayers as we head to Chile for the Elim South & Central American conference at the beginning of February.
  • We have quickly realised the need for a larger outdoor space where the kids can release their energy! Please pray for favour with local people/churches that we might be able to find a green space to take them to, for finances to rent that space, or that it will be free!
  • For building relationship with our kids, that they will know they are loved and cared for. That the Light House will become a safe space for them. 
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