This is a tour for all those ministers and leadership team members who want to encounter the past, present and future of the land of Israel.

Israel is a land with a long history of encounter between man and God. It was in this land that God first appeared to Abraham and then to Isaac and Jacob. It was in this land that God chose to dwell in a temple built of hands and then later in a vessel made of flesh. It was also in this land that His Holy Spirit was first received by believers and from this land that the holy scriptures and the message of the Gospel spread into all the world. Our faith is rooted in the encounters between God and man which once happened here.

But God’s not done with this land yet either, for after nearly two thousand years off the map, Israel has been reborn in our generation. So come explore with Elim National Leadership Team member, Simon Foster, and International Christian Embassy Jerusalem what God once did in this nation, what He is doing now and what He still plans to do, and experience a fresh encounter with the One who is the same yesterday, today and forever!

COST: £995 + flights
Approx £300 return from Luton Airport to Ben Gurion Airport*

30th APRIL 2017 - Closing date for application
MAY 2017 - Flight payment due
OCTOBER 2017 - Any outstanding payments must be made
2nd NOVEMBER 2017- Departure from Luton
9th NOVEMBER 2017 – Return to Luton

Proposed Itinary (Subject to change)

DAY 1 
Travel to Israel
Staying at Ohalo Manor

DAY 2 
'Galilee of the Gentiles' - Exploring the region of Jesus' life and ministry
Staying at Ohalo Manor 

DAY 3 
'The Road to Jerusalem' - Following the start of Jesus' journey to Jerusalem
Staying at Ohalo Manor

DAY 4 
'Depths of the Earth' - Discovering life out of death in the Dead Sea valley
Staying at Hotel Yehuda, Jerusalem 

DAY 5 & 6 
'City of the Great King' - Walking the crossroads of history in Jerusalem
Staying at Hotel Yehuda, Jerusalem

'Old meets New' - Encountering mission past and present in modern Tel Aviv
Staying at Grand Beach Hotel, Tel Aviv
Travel home




Simon Foster

Elim Regional Leader
Southern England, South West Midlands and WalesSimon has been a member of the NLT since June 2010 and became a regional leader in May 2016. Previously, he was Senior Pastor of Elim@Bristol and Glasgow Elim.


Jess and Paul Parkhouse


Further Details

  • *Cost includes all accommodation, transfers entry costs for museums and landmarks and food is on a half board basis (Breakfast & Evening Meal)
  • £250 deposit required upon application and full payment is required prior to departure. We can arrange payment to be made in installments - certain costs will need to be covered at set times - i.e. Flights at the time of booking.
  • Additional money will be needed for tips (drivers) and for personal spending money - this is brought at your own risk and you are responsible for that money.
  • A minimum team size of 20 is required for this tour to take place - should the team be cancelled due to lack of interest a full refund will be made. Should an individual pull out of the tour, the deposit will be non-refundable due to the costs already incurred.
  • This tour is covered by ATOL and in the event of insolvency Elim has adequate insurance to cover the repatriation of all teams members whilst overseas.
  • Should flights be delayed we will comply with the standard guidelines of the airline:
  • All travellers are required to take out travel insurance that includes repatriation and must have at least 6 months validity on their passport.