Published on: 23/06/2016

Gordon and Sybil McKillop


Children’s work

Zambias greatest challenge these days is to see children and young people won for the Lord. We sometimes refer to them as the 'missed' generation? simply because the church has been so slow to wake up to the fact that 60% of Zambia?s population is under twenty years old. It is always exciting when visitors from overseas come with a desire to impact children?s lives through fun and ministry. A group from Faith Fellowship Church in America was visiting some local Zambian churches in this area primarily to take part in a conference.

A very profitable day was spent at Nyangombe when school children from different villages enjoyed the fun, games, craft and teaching.

One evening, the group requested that we use our projection equipment to show the Jesus film in the Lunda language at a nearby village. Over 60 young people and children indicated a desire to commit themselves to follow the Lord. This was a highlight of the teams visit to the Mwinilunga area.

Bibles in the Lunda language

Recently over 500 Lunda Bibles were sold from Nyangombe Book Shop. It is testimony to the painstaking work of Bible translation which took place at Nyangombe over many years involving local gifted men and missionaries. It remains the main focus of Nyangombe Bible School to help make the Word of God understood in this generation. We stand in constant need of prayer to accomplish this objective effectively.

Youth Camp for 150

Nyangombe is bursting at the seams today with a record number of young people at our July Holiday long weekend youth camp. Numbers are set annually at 100 from six different secondary schools. When organizers are faced with extra boys and girls tearfully asking to join in, hearts melt. Providing all are willing to double up in the boys and in the girl?s dormitories we are happy to do our best to make this another memorable youth camp. It is a real joy to see many, now in their last year at school, who came when in their 1st year.

Many of these young lives have been significantly impacted for the Lord at past camps. We have heard some God honoring testimonies from boys and girls who have gone against peer pressure and made good life choices as Christians. This sets them apart from the majority of their school friends. Camp is a great encouragement to them.

Trauma & tragedy

This morning Sybil called and asked if we could check out a story which seemed too sad to be true. It emerged that the 17 year old young mother of this baby had suffered with Epilepsy. Today she took her baby to the river to fish, wash nappies and clothes.

According to neighbours, she adored her baby and looked after her well. Children playing nearby saw the mother fall into the river but were helpless to do anything. Adults recovered her body and took her back to the village. She had fallen in the river and drowned, possibly as a result of a seizure.

The mother in law arrived with the three week old baby, the father shortly after. Sybil will now have the challenge to find Baby Milk and bottles over the next nine months to get this baby through to the point where she can readily survive on solid food. It is in times like this that we are so grateful for the network of friends and supporters who stand with us both in prayer and in giving, thereby allowing us to pass on help and support to those who really need it. Please pray for this young one and the bereaved family as you pray for the work at Nyangombe.

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