MAP Mission to Romania

This year MAP (Missionary Apprentice Programme) had it’s first mission trip to visit Bob and Edith McDonald and Liz Face’s ministry in Romania. The whole team were able to get involved in various kids programmes, young adult bible  studies, street outreach and to witness first hand Bod, Edith and Liz’s lives as missionaries and how they impact the community in which they live.

We were privileged to have Helen Yousaf with us on our trip. Helen brought a fresh and new perspective to mission by using the act of sung worship. To me I always believed that to reach people you always had to use the word of God. And although sharing God's word is a vital part in mission and making disciples, I never realised how important worship was and how it could be used so effectively to have a radical impact on peoples lives.

For us the language barrier in Romania soon became evident and we realised that sometimes talking to people, even with a translator, wasn't always the best way to get their attention and communicate with them. So we began to use every opportunity that we had to sing songs of worship. We sang in the children’s programmes and youth meetings, we sang in the villages and over had a concert at the centre, we sang in the town, in a coffee shop, and even in tourist places like the Salt Mine; we sang anywhere and everywhere! At first singing sporadically was definitely alien to me and really pushed me out of my comfort zone. But I soon found that God took away any awkwardness and fear that I felt and gave me courage and a boldness to proudly proclaim His name and sing His praises because of all that He has done for me.

I believe it was through showing the joy of the Lord, through worship and being passionate whilst singing His praises, that captured people's attention like nothing I had ever seen. People were then interested and intrigued about why we were singing and why we were in Romania, which gave us a platform in which we could share the gospel and gave us many opportunities to be able to pray over people, their families, their houses and their communities.

Through this trip God has taught me that we are all different by His design. He has made us all unique with various skills, talents and abilities that He has skilfully put within us to serve a specific role that He has ordained. Even though we are all different we are all called to the same purpose: the great commission. We have all been called by God to go and make disciples of all nations, how that looks like in each of our lives may differ but our motives and our goals are all the same.

MAP teaches you, and let's you experience first hand, how missionaries live on the mission field. It lets you witness the highs and lows that missionaries face and how they practically overcome obstacles like language and cultural barriers that they usually have to face.

But, most of all, MAP has taught me that we are all missionaries, whether we live in the place we were born or whether we travel to another country, we are still reaching people for Christ, we are still showing love in all that we do and say, and our purpose is to serve God with all that we have, to make disciples and give our all wherever we are at.

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2022 is a very significant year for us because on July 31st it will be the 20th anniversary of the day we first travelled out to Kenya and began the work that is now known as Hope and Kindness.
A belated Happy New Year to you all!
News from Scott Jackson in Macedonia
News from Scott Jackson in Macedonia
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