Dom and Sarah John


Hey folks!

I do feel repetitive in saying this but: A lots has happened in the last four weeks!

It was so encouraging to some have people over from Derby. Pastor Dave and his family came over and we spent a great few days together. Also Emma and Caner from DCC were here and it’s so great to keep such a strong link to the UK and our home church in Derby.

Over the last month the dinner parties we were holding in our neighbour’s flat have grown steadily. In fact, they have grown so much that we could not fit everyone in the flat anymore. We had to move out - quick!

One member of our team works in a hotel just around the corner from us, and it's in that hotel that we found a perfect replacement as a dinner party venue. Thanks to her working there we can rent the room every other Wednesday evening for only 50 € which is an absolute bargain, especially for Cologne. It’s right by the tram and train station and has a parking lot too!!!!

We celebrated our first dinner party there last Wednesday and had 40 people join us. Around 10 of them were newcomers! God has blessed us so much we have to think of where to start. Here are just a few:

PA: Somehow we got to know a guy who owns a recording studio and is a Christian and has a big heart for Cologne. After setting us up with lights and sound last week, he just told us that he is willing to take care of the whole thing at each dinner party for a tiny sum of money. It's such a blessing because we are not yet in a position to buy our own equipment.

People: We have been praying for God to send us people with right hearts and talents to help build the church. We are regularly amazed by who God puts in our way and are so blessed with our team of 15 wonderful, dynamic, inspired and hungry (in every sense of the word) people.

Jobs: Dom has started his job at Apple and we are really relieved to have that side income coming in! Sarah was able to change her working place and now works at the headquarters of the refugee help center. Her working times are now completely compatible with Maxime's nursery times.

Coming up

We are so excited to celebrate our first proper Sunday service on the 13.12. at 11:00am. We will be meeting in a cinema with 99 seats in the city centre. Prayers welcome!!!


Please pray for protection for our families and team. This is always the first place the enemy is trying to come in and sow division. We feel that we are in a battle and that we have to focus on God more then ever. We need to work hard at increasing our church income to sustain the plans we are making for the future. God has something in store for this city and we are thankful that he is using us to build His church in Cologne. Lastly, we want to thank you all for your support and prayer. We couldn't do this without you all and are very excited to come back to Derby in a few weeks.

Lots of love,

Dom, Sarah and Maxime

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