Published on: 20/01/2016

be free

Be Free

Be Free Cambodia: January 2016

‘Stay in Be Free, even when you have problems talk with the staff and keep going forward with God. I now have a certificate and a good job which I love and I’m so thankful for my time in Be Free and now my life is better.’ - S

‘When I talked to the staff in Be Free about where I could work full time I wanted to work in one place but God surprised me with an even better job. I thank God for changing my life, I thank Paul and all the staff in England for helping me have a better future than I could imagine.’ – S

These are quotes from two trainees who recently graduated from Be Free and are both working in full-time employment at a Christian run restaurant. We are thrilled when we pop in for lunch or dinner and see them working with big smiles on their faces. Their graduation ceremony was an opportunity to honour them and celebrate with them for completing their time in Be Free. We are so proud of them both and the manager at their place of work is delighted with how well they have both settled in and are a joy to work with.

In the same week of our graduation ceremony two new girls joined our program. On their first day one of our graduates called in to see us before she started work. We had devotions together and it was such a special moment as one girl who has completed her journey in Be Free gave advice to the two girls who were just commencing.

It was a beautiful thing to witness as we, as staff, can encourage and give advice to the girls but to have someone who has actually walked in their shoes share from their experience and speak from the heart is priceless.

During the year we regularly take the trainees to where the graduates are now working and it gives them hope and determination that they also can have a full time job which they enjoy and can be proud of.

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