Published on: 05/11/2016


Oscar and Rachel Mendoza

Oscar and Rachel Mendoza - November 1026

We could not be more excited to announce the official launch of the Lighthouse on the 1st of December!

What better way to get started than with a big Christmas party!

We are so grateful to Elim Missions for all the fundraising they have been doing to enable us to launch in such a fun way, the kids who live around the Lighthouse are counting down the days! We wanted to share with you a bit of the transformation that has taken place in the building over the last couple of months, so here are some Before and After shots!

After the big Christmas party launch, we are planning to open the Lighthouse during the afternoons as a type of ‘After-School Club’. We want to create a safe space for these kids. It will be somewhere they can come and learn, we will support them in their homework and run classes, but also just a place where they can come and have fun, just be kids!

While we have been getting the building ready, one 12 year old boy, Abraham, has been helping out with bits and pieces as he sees the need and just hanging out to chat to us. Abraham already works with his family as a carpenter, he seems quite grown up, but when he and his friend came into the Lighthouse they immediately took the toy cars off the shelf and started playing together! They are still kids and still want to play!

Our heart is really to make the Lighthouse a place where children will come and encounter God for themselves, we want them to know that they are loved so completely, that they will know God as their Father and so be the ones to transform their community.

We really need your prayers as we step out into this! Thank you all so so much!

Now this little section is not something that we do very often, but with a new project and a new building, come new costs! We have been absolutely bowled over by the generosity of friends and family and also by Elim Missions who have really enabled us to get this project off the ground. We have calculated that to keep the Lighthouse running, we need to raise £305 a month. Below is a breakdown of where that would go.


We would ask you to please consider if you could commit to giving a small (or large!) amount for a year (or more!) As you can see, a donation of £15 a month would enable us to supply our classroom, supporting the kids in their education. A donation of £50 would go a long way to keeping all our kids in fresh fruit and veggies!

(Something that is missing from a lot of their diets around here!)

Your support is so important in this, vital really - and just think, if you are looking for a Christmas gift for that difficult relative, you can bless these kids in their name, we would be happy to send some Christmassy info through (you can always get them a box of choccies too so they have something to open!)

Oscar and Rachel Mendoza

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