Gordon and Sybil McKillop


Life of Jesus Movie In recent months many visits have been made to villages by the evangelistic team. Usually around 18:00 on Saturday evenings equipment is set up and Lunda singing can be heard through the speakers in the gathering darkness.

Crowds start coming and by 18:45 the 'Jesus Film' dubbed into the Lunda language starts. One often hears comments such as, "Look, Jesus speaks Lunda!" and immediately there is a bond and identification with the life of Jesus.

One can see in the photo, beyond the screen, the hundreds who come and sit on the ground in rapt silence watching in awe of the portrayed acts of Jesus when he walked this earth. Most of these people have never seen television and what they see with their eyes and hear may never leave them. Many decisions have been made by young and old to commit to following Jesus. We pray that the message of the Good News of Jesus will be communicated clearly and result in lives being impacted by Christ and that 'new creations in Christ' will result from this ongoing ministry.

New Classroom Block Kahanda Shool

In early 2016 we were dismayed to hear of the large numbers of children turned away from primary school because there was nowhere to teach them. This is even more troubling when the girls get the brunt of school intake refusals in Africa.

The Parent Teachers Association (PTA) asked Nyangombe if there was anything we could do to help as they had already burned bricks but could not move forward for lack of funds and expertise. A kind donor offered help to put up part of the building but also insisted that local participation continue so that the community had 'ownership' of the project. The various roles were agreed and finally in March we took over a job which had been started but unfortunately not all work until that time had been done to our usual standard!

With the help of our own building trainees and some skilled past trainees the job is now on schedule for completion in early 2017.

There remains much to be done to finish the three classrooms and office but with a full veranda, a high ventilated roof the building should serve the children in the area for many years to come.

It will be a great joy for all involved at every level to know that no children have been sent home because of limited teaching facilities. We trust that some of them will become students of note who might achieve something for their country.

New Tractor for Nyangombe

During harvest and at many other times throughout the year we need a dedicated, small tractor for stripping maize off of cobs, for mixing concrete and for cutting grass which grows profusely during the wet season. Portadown Elim in N.Ireland very kindly made this project possible. This week the tractor was unloaded from the container which had brought it from the UK.

It is such a thrill for the local people to realize that Christians overseas have an interest in empowering them to get the job done. The tractor is around 45 years old but has been fully overhauled and should give many years of good service within the local community.

We appreciate very much the support given by Christians. Truly all are valued. We consider you as partners with us in the Lord?s work here in Zambia. Through you and your practical and prayerful support, we in turn are able to serve more effectively. Please pray for the outreach going on during the coming months in specific villages where presently there is no hope and no Christian witness. Pray with us that many will turn to Christ and serve him with their whole hearts.

Ian and Hilda

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