Ian and Hilda McMillan


After a seven-week break at home in Scotland, the highlight of which was the wedding of our son Thomas to Sarah, in Paisley, we returned to Kosele on 26th October. It's lovely coming back again but if we thought we could settle in gently we were wrong. There had been quite a few changes since we went away and we have had to adjust to some other changes since we arrived.

The Children's Home has changed in that three of our older girls have now left – Mikal and Meryline to live with relatives and Faith to stay with our Social Worker, Millie. We expect to lose another four over the next few weeks – Sharon and Everline who will complete their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams and go to stay with relatives, and Asca and Caroline who are moving to a small vocational training centre some distance away, where they will be trained in tailoring/dressmaking.

The girls' dormitory will be much quieter next year! We will all miss these young ladies very much, but recognise that as all of them are in the 16-19 age group, the time has come for them to move on in their lives. We just pray that their time in our Home and School has given them adequate preparation for the rapidly-changing outside world, and that they have each caught enough of the love and glory of their Father God to provide them with a strong foundation on which to build their adult lives.


Life in rural Kenya is quite basic and most young people are growing up without the trappings of modern technology, although that is changing as more and more people have smart phones and have access to information on everything, good and bad, in the rest of the world. We try to keep a balance between protecting our children from harmful influences while helping them to be ready for the realities of modern Africa. Many of them will move away to the cities over the next few years, but even there, the problems of unemployment and poverty can be just as severe as in the rural areas, and the support structure of traditional society and family has almost completely disappeared.

Just now the Home is even quieter as most of the children have gone to visit relatives during part of the long school holiday. From Tuesday we will be left with only Vivian and the five youngest children; Everline and Sharon will also remain another two weeks until they finish their exams. We expect the children to be back by 28th December, ready to settle down for the new school term on 4th January, but by then the Home will be down from 25 to 18 children.

Terry and Judi are now home for a couple of months with their family and hopefully will be able to get a break from the Lunch at Kendu Bay to celebrate the birthdays of Winnie, Sharon, Vivian and Purity pressures of directing a complex project like Hope and Kindness, on which so many people's lives depend.

We continue our support role in the church, which our Pastor Dorine leads so well, despite challenges in her work and personal life. We attended the Elim Gospel Church national conference back in August and were pleased at prospects for growing unity with other churches.

Prayer Points

Please pray:

  • that Judi and Terry will be able to have a much-needed rest at home
  • for the young people moving away from the Home, that they will stay strong in every way
  • for all our children who are away from the schools and Home over the holidays – a time of exposure to harmful influences and dangers
  • that we will have good relationships with the small number of children and adults that are around over the long holidays
  • for Vivian and Mercy, who will be doing some study over the holidays as they need to improve their academic performance if they are to continue at High School
  • for Pastor Dorine as she leads the church
  • for our new High School principal, Mr Thomas and deputy principal, Madam Juliet

Ian and Hilda

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