Published on: 28/11/2016


Robin and Janet Fenner

South Africa: The Global Christmas Party

19 November 2016 saw the first of our Global Christmas Parties, held in South Africa. Elim Missionaries, Robin and Janet Fenner hosted the parties and this is what they said:

Hiring a local community centre, we saw 183 local children in Graskop and 4 surrounding villages arrive for the party - full of energy and ready to celebrate.


As all the children gathered in the hall we broke them into three groups: The youngest group spent most of their time on the bouncy castle and playing games with balloons.

The two older groups had fun playing games and running around the camp until lunch - the BBQ was cooking the borewors braai (South African beef sausage), chicken all with a maize meal and sauce. Not forgetting those with a sweet tooth we then had cake, popcorn and juice.


After lunch, it was lovely to be able to sing with the children and we saw some of them do various songs and dances. We then had the opportunity to share the Christmas story with them.

It was then time for presents and party packs - The children were so pleased with the presents and as they climbed into the taxis their singing and shouting was heard all the way down the road.


Thank you so much for those who are giving - this really is providing an amazing opportunity for the church to display the love of Christ this Christmas to thousands of children who might otherwise have very little.


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