Roy and Lainey Hitchman

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Firstly we want to say a great big thank you and send love from our family to yours this Christmas-time. We are so pleased that you follow what we do and support us in prayer. We honestly don't know what we would do without you all and the encouragement you bring.

Also, thank you to all who have sent a gift this Christmas. It means so much to us and has enabled us to spend Christmas with Lainey's family. This is the first time we have spent Christmas at home in the last nine years, so it is a very special time for us.

In this update you will read about everything we got up to in the last two months of 2016. November and December followed the pattern of 2016, a year of travel, ministry, writing and publishing. We are so thankful to God for the opportunities He has brought and all the new friends we have made.

Future Missionaries

Early in November we visited Holy Trinity Church in Weston-super-Mare to invest in a group of tomorrow's missionaries. It's not every day an opportunity like this comes along, the opportunity to teach about how the wrong relationships can so easily take a person off purpose and how to ensure that this did not happen to them. We had a wonderful time with them all, and we hope that we will be able to meet with them again a little further down their road to ministry!


Following our time with the missionary apprentices, we had an intensive time ministering in churches around the Midlands of the UK. Kings Heath, Selly Oak and Stafford all gave us opportunities to minister to their churches. At Kings Heath, we taught about life on the mission field. Specifically, we shared about the stresses missionary life places upon marriages and our role in helping couples in ministry to navigate these pressures, ensuring their own relationships don't suffer harm. At Selly Oak we held an evening marriage workshop, and the church in Stafford asked us to share in the Sunday service and then later take a marriage workshop and also a singles meeting. Everyone we met were very precious, and we are thankful for opportunities like these that allow us to build relationships in the church.


After a very quick turnaround at our home in Hungary, we were back in the car, making our way south to Macedonia for five days of ministry in Stip. This time was jam-packed with ministry to the church, the young adults and a secret women's group.

This latter group is interesting, Macedonia is chiefly Orthodox, this means that churches that are not Orthodox are often viewed with suspicion. The result of this is that in many families, women are forbidden from attending meetings where the gospel is preached. Lainey had the opportunity to meet with a group of believers who met together.

Ministry to the church gave us opportunities to take the Sunday service and hold marriage and parenting workshops.

Budapest's Youth

We love having the opportunity to prepare young adults for the relationships they will have throughout their life. You can imagine how excited we were when we were approached by a thriving church located in the centre of Budapest and asked to invest in young adults from churches across the capital. We jumped at the opportunity and will be teaching about relationships to this large group on a monthly basis for the next year.

Our first meeting was mid-December and saw a large group come together even though Budapest is in the middle of exam season. In this first session, we started teaching about identity, personality and character. The group is fantastic! Lot's of great discussion and plenty of questions at the end of the evening. We are definitely looking forward to our next time together mid-January.


In addition to the specific events mentioned here, all the behind-the-scenes work with missionaries, article writing for the hitchedtogether.com website and future books continued. We are very thankful that even with all the travelling we do we can take "the office" with us and meet with those we minister to regularly via Skype.


Adjusting Expectations, the second book in a 4 book series has now been published! Adjusting Expectations continues where Bringing Worlds Together left off and looks at what we expected from marriage and whether those expectations were realistic or even godly. It continues the journey of making the Jesus the centre for a truly CROSS-cultural marriage.

Both Bringing Worlds Together and Adjusting Expectations are available in print and ebook versions via these links: Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com.

We also have a discipleship course published for young people and young adults. The course focuses on identity, godly character and preparing for relationships. You can learn more about this resource at www.lifeforsingles.comhttp://www.lifeforsingles.com.

Coming to a Church near you?

We teach in churches and at conferences (mainly across Europe but also further afield) about topics affecting marriage, parenting, character, and identity. We also work with church leadership teams to help them enhance couple care in the church. We would love to come and do the same in your neck of the woods.

Relationships can be hard, but when we get them right, life is better! We would love to share principles from God's Word that show how relationships work best. Our schedule for 2017 is filling up fast, God willing we will be in the UK in February and March, Northern Ireland in April, UK in May, South East Asia in September and India in November. If you would like us to visit your fellowship please contact us.

Roy and Lainey

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