Oscar and Rachel Mendoza

Merry Christmas from the Lighthouse

Many of you will know that Elim Missions launched a Christmas appeal to throw Christmas Parties for kids around the world who may not otherwise have a chance to celebrate in that way. For us, this was so much more than just a party, we could not have asked for a more wonderful way to launch the Lighthouse ministry in Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala. We threw our party on 1 December, it was crazy, a little chaotic, but SO much fun…

Given the size of our building, we had decided to hope for 50 kids and plan for 70… we got 80! Plus mums!! There was already a line outside the gate when we opened and they just kept arriving, it was wonderful! We all fit, and it made for a great party atmosphere! We started with crafts and colouring and moved on to party games, Pass the Parcel doesn’t exist here and that was a hit!

It’s not a kid’s party in Guatemala without a piñata! If you haven’t seen the simultaneous violence and excitement that surrounds a piñata, go to our facebook page for videos!

Christmas food in Guatemala means tamales and fruit punch. Tamales are made from a corn dough, wrapped in leaves and boiled (yummier than they sound!) Fortunately, our neighbour at the Lighthouse makes and sells them so we were able to order 100 from her! It was so wonderful to be able to feed the kids and families in a special way at Christmas, something we would not have been able to do without your support of the Elim Christmas Party appeal - Thank you!

The highlight for us had to be giving each child at the party a gift - again, this was something that was funded by the Elim Christmas Party appeal and I cannot express the joy it was to see these kids receive their gifts. We know that you cannot all be here to see it, but know that through your giving you have brought such happiness to these children here in Guatemala. For some of them, it will be the only present they receive this Christmas and we felt so privileged to experience this. I have to make a special mention of the little girl pictured right, when she opened her gift, a little stuffed elephant, her eyes lit up like she couldn’t quite believe it was for her. She looked around at us all, at her Mum, and then gave the elephant a huge hug! There was not a dry eye in the room!

We cannot say thank you enough for your generous giving. To launch the Lighthouse here in a way that blesses and gives to the community at Christmas really expresses the heart of what we want to do here in Guatemala. At the end of the party many of the Mums came to thank us and wish us ‘Feliz Navidad’ (Happy Christmas!) We are so excited for what God has started here and what He will continue to do through the Lighthouse!

To keep the Lighthouse running through 2017 we do need your help! We need to raise at least £305 a month to cover costs. If you would like to get involved through financial support, please get in touch with us at or contact Julie Cook at Elim Missions directly on 01684 588940 or at Thank you and Feliz Navidad!

Oscar and Rachel Mendoza

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