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Having spent about the first 20 years of our adult lives denying that God even existed we are still amazed and so very grateful that our God wants to redeem the irredeemable and transform all the things that could have caused us harm into the very things that have led us to trust and depend on Him. In February 2000 we began a journey with God which in 2002 took us to a very poor, rural community in the south west of Kenya. Within 12 months we had a small Children’s Home, the first two classes of a Primary school and a church that met under a tarpaulin. God has been very faithful to us and we are now able to educate and feed 230 children in our Primary School and 80 children in our first three Forms of High School.

The Home and the Schools come under the banner of our registered charity Hope and Kindness and our aim is to provide a first class education for children and young people who would have struggled to even stay in school. The church is now part of Elim Gospel Church Kenya and it’s Kenyan pastor is working together with us and the school teachers to love, encourage and equip every child so that God’s purpose for their lives will be fulfilled. Working as Elim missionaries we hope that we will see the kingdom of God established in our part of Kenya and in the lives of everybody we work with.

Hope & Kindness

Hope And Kindness has established Kosele Christian Community Children’s Home and two Schools (both a Primary and a High School.) The Children’s Home now has less than twenty children, partly because of the successful treatment of HIV with drugs that are able to keep many more parents alive, but also because supporting the care of orphans within the community, in real family homes, is now proven to be the best way of equipping teenagers and young  people for their adult lives.

The Primary school provides free education, together with free breakfast and lunch, to around 230 children, mostly orphans and other very vulnerable children, aged from 3yrs to 16yrs. In 2011 a High School was opened for young people who had performed well in their KCPE (Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education) exam but then had no one within their families able to assist them with the fees needed to continue onto High School. There are now around eighty pupils in this school who also receive breakfast and lunch. The project also has a small farm which contributes to the food requirements of the two schools as well as a teaching facility for the pupils and the community. It is also involved in development and assistance to people in the local community including the building of simple homes and supplementing food to the homes of some of the very poorest families who care for orphans.

In 2002 Hope & Kindness also established a church which is now led by a Kenyan Pastor, Dorine Auma. In 2012 it became a member church of Elim Gospel Church Kenya. The Christian Union in the High School and the Youth team in the church are adding opportunities for discipleship and strengthening the links between the church and schools. 


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