Moyo Ayeni

Enjoying the presence of God

Do you sometimes miss out on the joy of prayer because your focus is all about petition and repentance? Well, you are not the only one!

With this focus, we can miss out on the richness of communion with God that other spiritual disciples, such as worship, can add to our personal prayer life.

Yes, we should ‘ask, seek and knock’ as Jesus instructed us to, but there is also much beauty and peace in simply being present with God, and allowing the wonder of his presence to transform your heart, mind and emotions.

There is a whole host of ways that we can look at prayer and worship; the book of Psalms is a whole world in itself! But for this series of posts, I want to focus on how the regular addition of worship to our prayer lives can offer life and hope, especially in difficult times.

Worship helps to change our focus

“Give to the LORD the glory he deserves! Bring your offering and come into his courts”.

Psalm 96:8 (NLT)

These words cause us to look up from our circumstance and to look at God, thinking about his nature. But we don’t only observe this from a distance, we are invited to come close and experience him for ourselves.

We see Jesus welcoming and inviting the needy to draw close to him and they demonstrate their gratitude by pouring out their worship on him. Worship in prayer does not mean an absence of troubles, instead, it serves to remind us of the God we serve and who we are in Christ. And as we remember and reflect on his glory, power, might, love (the list could go on!), it strengthens us to continue on the journey of faith, knowing that our generous God is mighty and present.

Consider using the Psalms or your favourite Bible verses to speak life over yourself and situation (whether in good or difficult times). Allow God, by the power of his Spirit, to transform you.

So, choose to make worship a priority, mixed in with your prayers of petition, warfare and repentance. And as you do so, allow space for the Holy Spirit to speak to you and help you in everything you bring to God’s throne of grace.


Question: How do you enjoy the presence of God? Leave a comment below.

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