Rachel & Dan Smart

eSwatini (Swaziland)

Challenge Ministries works with all ages with the most needy and vulnerable people in many areas of eSwatini. There are 250,000 orphaned and vulnerable children and the country has the highest AIDS rate in the world and has recently suffered 2 years of drought.

Bulembu Ministries is a unique project in which an entire former mining town has been restored and repurposed to care for 350+ orphans and vulnerable children.

Various enterprises in the town provide jobs for the community and the profits go directly into the care of the children. Around six children live in each home creating a family environment with the 24-hour care of an Aunty. A pre-school, primary and high school provide a high standard of education for all children and all attend Bulembu Church where they learn to grow with God. The town’s slogan is ‘Restore a town, Transform a nation’ with the vision of raising up the future leaders of eSwatini.


One of the key areas of ministry for Dan and Rachel is the new Bulembu Worship Academy, which is targeted at young people with a heart for worship. The Academy reaches the whole person providing Bible foundations for the arts and worship, character development, music theory and instrument lessons as well as worship training. It is being expanded to reach more age groups and include a movement track such as worship dance and mime.

They serve in a number of other areas of ministry and are currently running classes like High School piano and ballet for Royal Rangers. As the children grow in creative expression they will also grow in faith as they channel their skills into worship. They also are involved with training projects such as IT, website and computer skills, enabling people to gain vital skills for future employment.

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