Watch this space

The Elim Prayer Network & Lift Up Team have recently launched a new prayer initiative under the banner of ‘The Watchman’.

This is being led by Alistair Cole, Chair of our National Elim Prayer Team, and has been birthed partly in response to recent tragic events n Belgium and France and in other parts of mainland Europe. In addition to this, we have had ‘BREXIT’, a decision that has major implications for Britain and her future relationship with other European nations.

A number of ‘Prophetic’ words are currently circulating and are in the process of being weighed and tested. They speak of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that could visit the Church in the U.K. in 2017.

In response to these developments, there has been an awakened interest in the role of ‘The Watchman’. Historically in Scripture, this was seen to be a calling of great importance in times of spiritual and political uncertainty. The Scriptures speak of The Watchman as being one who would be stationed on the city walls so as to give warning of impending enemy attack. The warning would be relayed to the ‘Gatekeepers’, who would convey the warning to those dwelling in the city. Two Scriptures come to mind when looking at this strategic role:-

‘For thus the Lord said to me: Go, set a watchman; let him announce what he sees...’. Isaiah 21:6

‘Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel. Whenever you hear a word from my mouth, you shall give them warning from me.’. Ezekiel 3:17

The Watchmen; (or women), would be those who would carry an intercessory, prayer and prophetic burden, and would be those who, having heard a word from the Lord, would first weigh and test it, and then release it to the wider Church.

What is God saying the Church at this critical time in our nation’s history and in light of current national and global events? It is very clear for all to see that we are living through a momentous period in human history, possibly in the time leading up to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. God has promised in His Word that there would be a great outpouring of The Holy Spirit in the days just prior to Christ’s return.

This time is now, and there has to be a readiness to discern the plans and purposes of God, hence the call for ‘The Watchman’! It’s our role to Watch this Space…the places and spaces God has called us to.

God has placed this upon the heart of Alistair Cole, Chair of our National Elim Prayer Team. He carries a strong prophetic/teaching ministry, and is available to visit Churches and to speak at prayer events. He is the author of the book: ‘The Dynamics of Effective Prayer’, and networks within the wider prayer movement in the UK.

To contact Alistair and to purchase supplies of his book and to find out more about ‘The Watchman’ ministry:

E Mail: Alistair.L.Cole@btinternet.com

EPN National Office telephone: 01457 866177

For more information about how you can start 2017 in focused prayer across the Elim Movement, click here for our free resources.


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