Are you ready for an adventure in prayer, faith, fasting and feasting?


We are calling you and your young people to PRAY FAST FEAST!

Prayer is so often a last minute emergency plea or a ‘get-me-out-of-this’ rough situation or a help someone I love is hurting, dying, in trouble…rather than a life of being connected to God, of talking to Him wherever we are, of knowing His presence daily.

PRAY FAST FEAST is an opportunity to take a youth session, night, or weekend and go on a prayerful adventure of faith! To help them explore prayer and fasting and to grow as a disciple.

What’s the idea? You get a bunch of young people together and spend an evening, overnight, weekend to PRAY together, to FAST together and then after it all FEAST together.



Download and share these useful PRAY FAST FEAST guides

What's the big idea? What is Prayer Fast Feast? How does it work? What do I need to do?

Guide to Fasting: What is fasting? How do I fast?

Creative Ideas for your Pray Fast Feast weekend

FREE teaching session to help your young people think about fasting

“On the same weekend in February 2017, every youth group across Elim is challenged to hold a PRAY FAST FEAST event.”