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RISE UP is the Youth Ministry Track at Regents Theological College. The purpose of the program is to develop emerging leaders in their character, competency and calling to such a level that we can confidently commission them into youth ministry in the local church. Our new look program places a strong emphasis on youth placement, so that students will learn through doing as well as studying.



Prior to attending the course my perception of God, myself and others was very ‘black and white’, but through the exceptional teaching, mentorship and fellowship of the course, my eyes have been opened to a world of many ‘beautiful colours’. This course was empowering, equipping and releasing, providing a solid foundation for future ministry.


Mark Trubey - Rise Up Student

A special invitation

You are invited to apply for Rise Up – an exciting 9 month certificated course that will shape, equip and develop you to make a difference in this generation. It could seriously impact your life and the lives of many others also!

Will you Rise Up to tell them, show them and lead them?

Will you Rise Up to announce a new day in their lives and communities?

Will you Rise Up and take your place in leading a generation of fully alive Jesus followers?


It's time to RISE UP

You are invited to apply for Rise Up – an exciting 9 month certificated course that will shape, equip and develop you to make a difference in this generation. It could seriously impact your life and the lives of many others also!


5 Reasons Why You Should RISE UP


Based at Regents Theological College in the beautiful Malvern Hills, the RISE UP youth track program is designed to cultivate & train gifted leaders. You learn from gifted theologians and experienced practitioners as well as getting out there among young people with our incredible placement programme.


The RISE UP youth track lectures are interactive opportunties to learn Bible truth and practical youth work theory, engaging with lecturers and other students. Throughout the course, you will have time to put theory into practise with young people with a youth work placement.


On the RISE UP course you will be challenged and stretched, but most of all you'll really be built into the leaders who can really impact this generation of young people. You will learn how to help young people tackle some of the issues they face in society.


The RISE UP programme provides a relevant, intense process for preparation give you life skills as well as academic understanding, to prepare you to engage with this generation.


The RISE UP course provides pastoral care with both the staff and students at Regents Theological College. You will establish relationships that last beyond the course and help establish you as a leader that can impact this generation with God's love. You will grow in confidence in public speaking, organising events, as well as learning how to establish and lead groups.

It's time to RISE UP

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Fancy a taster?

Not sure what to expect? A Just Looking open day is a great way to find out what life at College is like and whether Regents is the place for you. Prospective students are able to spend time at the College in live lectures, meeting students and staff, sampling the student meals, taking part in seminars about our courses and touring the campus.

These one day Just Looking events take place on Saturdays and Tuesdays throughout the year and are free to attend.

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The Rise Up programme is a dynamic 9 month course delivered by Limitless and Regents Theological College at its outstanding base in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Our training centre offers some of the greatest surroundings for your learning and you will be standing shoulder to shoulder with a vibrant community of people passionate to make a difference.

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The Course

The course blends key areas of learning with experience. It will challenge and stretch you – it will push and stir you - you will have an incredible opportunity to grow.

This full-time programme will be taught by gifted teachers, mentors and practitioners with placement settings providing dynamic opportunities to put your learning into practise. You will get involved in real transformational community projects.

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Areas of teaching

The Story of God: Exploring the bible, beliefs and theology.

Discipleship Formation: Going deeper with God through character development, devotional journeying and mentoring.

Youth Ministry Impact: Developing transformational skills to Disciple others, Engage with community needs, Establish effective pioneer works with young people and Double your impact and be equipped with foundational youth ministry skills.

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Shaping and developing you to make a difference in this generation

It's Time to RISE UP

What is RISE UP?

  • Youth ministry training programme
  • Three year Bachelors of Arts with Honours in Applied Theology
  • Optional Certificate of Higher Education and Diploma of Higher Education exit points after one or two years respectively


  • Placements included
  • Run by Limitless
  • Based at Regents Theological College
  • Validated by the University of Chester