Southern Africa Drought Appeal

Our Southern Africa Elim family and those they are trying to reach are struggling with the worst food shortage that they have ever experienced.

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It is said to be one of the worst famines to ever hit the Horn and Sub-Saharan Africa region, with close to 20 million people facing hunger and malnutrition – including at least 6 million children.

We want to resource our Elim family in these drought ridden areas so that they can share the love of Jesus and feed those in desperate need. We can only do that with your help.

Many will remember the images of the famine that hit the region in the mid 1980s but in many parts of the region, where records are available, this is the worst drought in more than 60 years.

Having experienced floods in Kenya and South Sudan, wiping out many villages and farmland, other regions such as Ethiopia and Somalia haven’t had enough rain in over 3 years - this has resulted in a estimated 750,000 people in these areas that are at risk of dying before the end of the year.

In southern Africa relentless drought has lead to widespread food insecurity. It has caused a surge in food prices, crippled agriculture and economies in the region, and forced nations like Zimbabwe and Malawi to declare a state of emergency.

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Children in Malawi are particularly vulnerable to food shortages, given widespread malnutrition — the most recent Demographic and Health Survey in 2010 found that 47 percent of children under five years of age were stunted. In Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts, two of the hardest hit areas, over 90 percent of the rural population will require humanitarian assistance for up to nine months.

Elim Missionary, Jackie Griffiths has been serving in Malawi for many years and she says:

“Southern Africa is currently facing the worst drought in 35 years.  Here in Malawi we are facing the second consecutive harvest failure due to the severe flooding experienced in January 2015. Traditionally people suffer with a shortage of food during the months between October and March as the previous harvest has been used and the fresh harvest is awaited. But this year people have already been struggling for the past few months. We now receive a daily flow of people coming to Hope Village asking for piece work so that they can earn a little to buy food. “

“Many come having not eaten for the past few days and others are surviving on a meagre diet of nsima and leaves. As much of the population are subsistence farmers, they do not have the money available to buy the food they weren't able to grow and the price of maize is rising rapidly due to the shortage. Many people queue up all night in an attempt to gain a limited amount of maize that the government offers at a reduced price but it is not guaranteed that they'll be successful in gaining any and many come away empty handed. Even though the situation is serious now, the crisis is likely to peak between October and March so any help is much appreciated and will go directly to those in need as we seek to work together to save lives.”

We are calling on the Elim Church of the UK to give financially so we can support Elim in the countries affected. Our brothers and sisters need help and this is our opportunity as Elim to help Elim as they seek to survive and provide for others.

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