Stuart Blount appointed as Elim's Director of Ministry

Chris Cartwright and Elim's National Leadership Team have appointed Stuart Blount to the new role of Director of Ministry, following two decades as senior pastor at Birmingham's Christian Life Centre.

This new role will include the day to day coordination and oversight of the selection and training of Elim ministers, along with the stationing of ministers in Elim churches. Other aspects of this role will ensure Elim continues to develop its increasingly effective provision of ministry in the discipline, care and welfare of ministers.

As Stuart takes on the development of these areas, he will provide a national perspective, aiding General Superintendent Chris Cartwright, the National Leadership Team and the Regional Leaders, ensuring that all Elim ministry matters proceed effectively and efficiently.

Over the coming months, Elim's leaders will have the opportunity to look at ways to sharpen Elim's focus on mission and outreach, as together they imagine its future. At the same time, there is also a desire to strengthen Elim's ministry core and to provide more national back up and resourcing to Elim's ministers and churches.

This new role will greatly enhance Elim's ability to serve our hundreds of leaders and churches, especially at this important time of seeking to listen to one another, and to God for Elim's longer-term mission to the nation and the nations.

Commenting on Stuart's new role, Chris Cartwright said, "By releasing high-level leadership and resources to this new role, I believe we would be able to take significant steps forward in developing our ministers and ministry procedures for the years ahead."

Stuart brings to this new role a wealth of pastoral and leadership experience in Elim. As an NLT member for the past 10 years, he has a breadth of knowledge of our movement and he has served in many capacities including, since 2010, as chair of our Management Board. Stuart is also an experienced pastor having led Christian Life Centre in Birmingham for over 20 years, with a passion for pastors and local churches.

Summarising his role, Stuart said, "Ultimately, the Director of Ministry's role is about ensuring leaders in our Movement know that they are important."

"We want people to know there are resources and facilities available for them to develop and to grow... to help our leaders find that place of emotional and spiritual health."

Stuart commenced his role as Director of Ministry in September and from November will be ministering in churches throughout the country. This will be both a great opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of Elim's churches and to bring significant ministry into the life of Elim's churches and leaders as he visits.

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