LIMITLESS LEARNING COMMUNITIES are deliberately crafted to create actual change in local youth ministries. It is not a seminar, Bible study or accountability group; it is a sharp and focused gathering of youth leaders around the questions, ‘What Is?’, ‘What Could Be?’ and ‘What Will Be?’. By honestly reflecting on current practice, dreaming big together and making accountable decisions for decisive action, attending a LIMITLESS LEARNING COMMUNITY will help you make real improvements to your youth ministry practice.


“Our Learning Community has been a great place to sit together and dream about what is, what could be and what WILL be. It has, and continues to be an invaluable time to get together with other people who are doing the same thing as me. We encourage, celebrate and dream together for the future of our groups, holding each other accountable to the next steps in our youth ministries, which often can be one of faith and the unknown


Mike Nicholls - Youth Pastor at Northampton Elim Church.

What is a LIMITLESS Learning Community?

Learning Communities – They are not seminars or fellowship groups!

We’ve all experienced seminars when an expert presents some stunning teaching which we all feverishly make notes of, often get inspired by but then go away scratching our heads trying to work out how we can apply what they’ve shared – A Learning Community is not a Seminar!

Many of us would have experienced fellowship groups where we sit in a circle and share with one another and then pray – A Learning Community is not a Fellowship Group!

Key distinctives

  • They help leaders reflect ‘where they are’ and consider the effectiveness of their current practises
  • They help leaders enlarge their visions
  • They create space for pragmatic next step responses contextualised to where they are at
  • They provide accountability to help motivate ideas into actions
  • They provide an opportunity to share journey both locally and nationally

How to join this journey

  Get in touch

Learning Community Videos

Watch the Learning Community Videos online or download them for easy use at your Learning Community events. Along with downloading the videos, we have made the Learning Community help and guidance notes available as pdf files.

  Factsheet     Guidance Notes     Download Videos

Guidance for Learning Communities

When arranging suitable dates to meet with your Learning Community consideration should be given to the best time to suit the circumstances of its members. For example, a mid-week daytime meeting may be ideal for employed church youth workers but would probably rule out volunteer workers. Please be as inclusive as possible.



Each Learning Community should meet three times a year. ‘Winter, Spring and Autumn’.
We encourage a break in the summer months as getting suitable dates for everyone can be difficult due to holidays and summer events.


Length of each meeting

There are two primary options:

  • An evening meeting (around 2 – 2 ½ hours long)
  • A day time meeting (around 4 – 5 hours long including food)

Structure of each meeting

Whatever length of meeting your Learning Community adopts, the template on the guidance pdf should be used in conjunction with the supplied teaching material on this page.


Who can be part of a Learning Community?

Youth Leaders (volunteer or employed), their teams or church pastors