Building Missional Communities

The Missions and Discipleship Academy is a new Training Academy designed to help you and your church focus on disciple-making.

Over a two-year journey, the Mission and Discipleship Academy incorporates teaching and tactical training, expert coaching, Missional Communities, and Huddles. It concludes with the creation of a six-month plan that your team creates for your local ministry context.

In four gatherings you will explore the following subjects:

  • Building a Discipleship Culture
  • Multiplying Missional Leaders
  • Launching Missional Communities
  • Leading Kingdom Movements

There is nothing wrong with conferences, however, the famous speaker with the great story on the main stage isn’t going to come down and walk with you week by week, month by month, as you go to the places God is calling your community.

Often, the outcome is that people go away with many pages of notes and good ideas but without having had the chance to reflect, discuss, plan and decide how to implement what has been learned.

The Mission and Discipleship Academy takes a different approach, providing practical and challenging assignments that will bring transformation to your church.

Over the course of the Mission and Discipleship Academy, you will develop across four key areas


Building a discipleship culture

This covers the key principles, values and learning points that help to create and establish a strong culture of missional discipleship. We will look at how shared culture, mindset and key values (covenant and kingdom, invitation and challenge) can help people take personal responsibility for their own discipleship and begin to live out their identity, faith, missional vision and call.


Multiplying missional leaders

In this gathering, we will look at how to identify, develop, train and release leaders. This will include looking at vision and values, training infrastructure, intentional discipleship environments (huddles) and principles (Lifeshapes) creating a culture of innovation & allowing freedom to fail.


Launching Missional Communities

This gathering focuses on how to create, value and release the "spiritual households" that impact their neighbourhood or network of relationships. There will be input on developing a balanced three-dimensional lifestyle of faith, community and mission and how that life can be expressed in many different ways. Teams will learn more about principals and lessons learned from those involved in the process of establishing and releasing Missional Communities.


Leading Kingdom movements

This gathering looks at the principles and practices of establishing a strong resourcing centre and how to establish prayer, develop training, practice hospitality and ensure strong pastoral care. Team focus on the mission centre as a resourcing base which missional communities orbit in and out of on a regular rhythm, thus growing a sustainable missional movement.

“We have just completed our 2 year Learning Community journey with King's Church, Warrington and the Kairos Connection. The Learning Community has been instrumental in helping us establish and plant a missional/disciple-making community in Cornwall that is called ’New Wave’. The emphasis of the Learning Community is on how to create and sustain a Discipleship Culture. The material at the gatherings has been immensely beneficial to us when thinking through our strategy for make disciples who make disciples.”

“The fortnightly leadership Skype ‘huddles' then put practical tools in our hands and at the same time modelled to us low control - high accountability… We would endorse the Learning Community for anyone who is serious about creating an environment and discipleship culture which releases people into their Kingdom destiny.”

Matt and Sally Timms - New Wave Church

A Learning Community is a series of 2-day immersion experiences with a team of people from your church that incorporates main stage teaching and input with tactical training, expert coaching, and a chance to experience Missional Communities and Huddles.

This all concludes with the creation of a six-month plan that your team creates for your local ministry context. We recognise that every church leader and city is different and your plan needs to reflect those nuances.

This might sound like a significant investment of time over a two year period. It is! If it were possible to impart the skills, tools and vehicles necessary to achieve everything God is calling you to with a smaller investment of time, we’d do that.

But after linking with 3DM and Kairos Connexion who are working with nearly a thousand churches in Europe, USA and beyond, we know there is no short-circuiting the process.

The Elim Learning Community will be hosted by Darren and Jacky Johnson and their team. This will be done in collaboration with Elim and Kairos Connexion.

The first immersion event of the Learning Community will take place in Autumn 2017 with regular coaching huddles for church leaders via Skype following on from that. The Learning Community gatherings will take place in Warrington.

Registration is now open.

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£1,500 covers 2 years of teaching, materials, coaching support and input for you and up to 4 leaders. You will require overnight accommodation in addition.

Payment Options

Monthly payment can be made by credit card or to your church bank account.

Booking Deadline

Booking closes on 7 September 2017 or before if the course is fully booked. Payments will be collected over 18 months from October 2017 - March 2019.


Immersion training will take place in Warrington to allow you and your leaders to experience what can work in a local context.

Overview of the course

As an indication of what's included, this is an overview of the Church Leadership Academy 2016-2018.

13-14 OCT 2017 Building a Discipling Culture
2-3 MAR 2018 Multiplying Missional Leaders
12-13 OCT 2018 Leading Missional Communities
1-2 MAR 2019 Leading Kingdom Movements

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