The Great Curry Challenge


23-26 September 2016     1 Night 1,000 Men

The MPOWER team think that the humble curry could be an easy way to introduce a mate to Jesus! So together with REACH, Elim's evangelism team, we hope you will join in our Curry Challenge.

There’s often nothing more that guys like than tucking into a curry. Yes, that’s right, those well-known adopted British dishes of chicken tikka masala, a jalfreizi or a lamb biriyani…

Well, how about coupling that delectable combination with the primary mission to which we’ve been called, to reach our mates for Jesus.


Will you take the MPOWER
great curry challenge?

MPOWER have partnered up with that great connoisseur of the gospel and a curry expert himself, Elim’s Director of Evangelism - Gary Gibbs, to combine a good curry with what Jesus has called us to.


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Did you know there are even two references to curry in the Bible? Not the dish, but 'currying favour' with people of influence? (See Proverbs 19:6)

So, we are calling the men of Elim to an adventure of launching out for the sake of the gospel and to start planning now for a great opportunity to curry favour with our mates, work colleagues and family.

Who do you know? And how could an invitation to join you and your men’s group for a curry change many eternal destinies forever; perhaps not through the curry dish but certainly through the conversations that ensue when men do life together?


Take the MPOWER curry challenge and start planning your event now

It is really easy to get involved.


Curry Challenge Vision

To see 1,000 men sharing a curry together and
hearing the Gospel in a relevant way.

The great curry challenge provides a remarkable opportunity both to enjoy some male company and to share the best news in the world with blokes we care about! During the evening, we will ask the guys to put down their remaining piece of peshwari naan and listen for a few minutes to a clear, dynamic presentation about Jesus.

As you know, eating together is a major theme in the New Testament: so much happened around food.

There’s something about the relaxed, cohesive activity of sitting down to a meal which opens people up to converse about things they might rarely otherwise touch – politics, family and God!

The Great Curry Challenge gives us the opportunity to invite friends, workmates, neighbours, family members into a great atmosphere where they can engage with some ideas about the meaning of life in a non-threatening way.

Let me make you a promise: the presentation we make will not be ‘turn-or-burn, try-or-fry’. Our aim will be to provoke guys to think about whether Jesus really was who he said he was, and if so, what difference should that make?

So turn up the heat and rise to the MPOWER Great Curry Challenge.

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The Great Curry Challenge


23-26 September 2016     1 Night 1,000 Men


  1. Speak to your pastor and men's group leader.
  2. Form a team. Do it now, early planning makes all the difference.
  3. Date and destination. Decide on the best location.
  4. Check out the venue. Make the management is ok with someone. giving a talk and that you know all costs associated with the event.
  5. Plan the evening. What do you want the night to look like?
  6. Book a speaker to share the Gospel in a relevant way or share a testimony.
  7. Get it out there as early as possible.
  8. Encourage all your guys to think who they will invite.
  9. Flag it up. Make it a matter for corporate prayer.
  10. 6 week run in.Have all your tickets printed and available, posters and invite cards in peoples hands.
  11. Give stuff away. Arrange a newcomers welcome pack for all guests.

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  Downloadable Event Resources

Download the MPOWER Curry Challenge guide which provides useful information about organising your event, along with other resources.

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