New academy sets to inspire and challenge Elim's leaders

I am not sure what picture the word coach conjures up in your mind. Is it that of a sports coach who cheers you on and seeks to bring the best out in you. Or perhaps you imagine a secondary school PE teacher, trying to persuade you that it isn’t too cold to run cross country in January when every footstep you take is on frosty grass.

Possibly the word coach causes you to think about travel, a journey from one place to another, the blurry views as you race along the route, the noise of conversation and of course not to be visited portable toilets.

The word coach in Elim is taking on a new meaning as this year Elim Training has launched an exciting new Leadership Coaching Academy. The aim is to train existing Elim leaders with the necessary skills to inspire, challenge, and journey alongside other leaders in the movement in order help them achieve all that God has intended for them.

It was David Carter who expressed. ‘The goal of becoming the best version of ourselves is a goal that is profoundly satisfying and worthwhile – indeed, the most important goal of our life.’

I am personally convinced that as we stride into the next 100 years of Elim we need to be intentional about investing in our leaders. We cannot simply expect great things to happen in our own lives and that of our families, churches and communities without first allowing the great God we follow shape and refine us into everything he created us to be. Coaching is a fantastic tool for supporting, questioning and drawing out the God given potential of a leader.

Over 20 Elim leaders enrolled on the first Elim Training ‘Coaching Academy’ which started in November 2015, committing to the 12 month course. Over 3 short residentials and regular online input they will be trained to coach and support other leaders across the movement. The vision is to see significant growth in the personal lives our leaders but also expansive and imaginative strategies and projects that make a difference in our towns and cities.

Replication is the main goal of coaching and is also an essential requirement of healthy organisations. It is fantastic to have a great visionary leaders however it is even better to grow, train and develop many leaders. Tony Dungy so helpfully stated ‘coaching is about lifting leadership from the focus on self and onto developing others as an intentional long term strategy.’

Paul Wilcox a seasoned ministry coach, mentor and friend of Elim has been leading the training and he expressed that ‘As a general rule, I never feel fully equipped to go into a coaching session and yet, time and again, the Holy Spirit takes my stumbling attempts and somehow make sense of what is going on. All I can say is that God is faithful and His strength really is made perfect in my weakness.’

As Director of Training in Elim, I have the ultimate dream of growing a culture of continual learning, where our leaders are constantly striving to improve and develop. Leaders should always be willing to learn, to be coached themselves, this in turn means that they are capable of continual growth.

To find out more about future coaching courses or to benefit from the input of one of Elim’s leadership coaches, contact us here.

Question: How could coaching help support you and further draw out your God given potential of a leader? Leave a comment below.

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