Introducing Series Fiona Crow

Introducing Fiona Crow

Elim Sound is not a band and is more than it's core team. It seeks to bring together a community of worship leaders, pastors and creatives from the Elim movement and beyond. They are committed to inspiring, encouraging and equipping the church in worship. One of the things Elim Sound love to do is to introduce you to artists within the movement.

Fiona Crow is based at our Edinburgh Church, she is also our regional co-ordinator for Scotland. Fiona has a brand new album out and we thought we’d catch up with her and ask her to share about it.

We’d love you to check out Fiona’s music and download her song Your Presence for FREE.

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Tell us a bit about yourself?

I grew up on the west coast of Scotland but I now live just outside of Edinburgh with my husband Geoff and our two small kids. I’m a part-time music therapist. I work with adults with dementia and young people with learning disabilities.

The rest of my spare time is spent leading worship and songwriting. We have been part of Edinburgh Elim for 9 years now. We’re both involved in the worship team and we love serving in this way, it’s a special privilege.

How did you get involved in music?

My background is in classical music. I started with piano and then I began to learn flute when I was 9. I left school with the intention of becoming a professional flute player and playing in an orchestra.

I had always had an interest in songwriting and when I was 13 I taught myself guitar during the summer holidays so I could write songs like the Beatles! It’s only when I went to uni that I discovered some Christian music artists who began to inspire me to write more about my faith. It was around about then that I was asked to lead worship in my local church for the first time.

I look back now on all the different musical experiences that I’ve had and realise that God wastes nothing. I use all of it in my job as a music therapist but also when I’m leading worship.

Tell us about your project?

album In 2003 I recorded an E.P. called ‘Paradise’. I had always intended to follow this up with a full length album but there didn’t seem to be an open door to get the project underway and so I put the idea to rest but I still continued to write songs.

After almost 10 years God started to talk to me about the dreams that I had in my heart and reminding me of the album project. We finally got the right people in the right place to begin to record ‘Made To Love’ in May of this year. I think the wonderful thing about recorded music is that it can be taken out of the 4 walls of the church and my hope is definitely that this is an album that anyone can listen to and be inspired by.

It contains ten years of songwriting and in some ways the songs tell the story of my journey with God in that time. There has been ups and downs but He has been faithful throughout.

  DOWNLOAD ‘Your Presence’

Which is your favourite song on the album and why?

My favourite song is probably the title track ‘Made To Love’ , it’s the song that I wrote most recently and I was able to co-write it with my good friend Dan Robinson. It’s a song that is really about our identity in Christ. I have found that God has ministered so much to me through that song.

My favourite song to record was probably ‘Speak’ , it’s stylistically very different to the rest of the album but I loved the production aspect of it. We had a lot of fun in the studio with that one.

What music are you currently listening too?

I make a point of keeping up with current popular music , especially since I work with teenagers. Calvin Harris, David Guetta and anything that I can bop along to whilst making the tea. I listen to a lot of singer-songwriters , probably my most recent discovery in that genre is an artist called Rae Morris.

I listen to a lot of worship music too, my favourite albums of late are Hillsong United’s Empires and Amanda Cook’s ‘Brave New World’.

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