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Over the last few months Mark Lyndon-Jones, Elim’s Director of National Men’s Ministry, has been introducing himself and the concept of MPower to a number of our churches across the movement through the recent MPower Ice-Breaker events across the regions.

London KTLCC Region- (Kensington Temple)

The venue was the impressive London Hilton Metropole Hotel just up the road from Marble Arch. A fantastic Eat as much you like Breakfast was enjoyed by all. With a great turn-out the Hilton were in danger of running out of sausages let me tell you.

There was a real buzz in the air as guys were shoulder to shoulder, relaxed and discussing the issues of life together even before the morning programme started. It was a great line up of powerful testimonies from a number of guys including my new friend Ibe Otah (Giantkiller) a Christian comedian (who was really funny!!) and of course a Rapper leading the Worship. Yours truly rounded up the proceedings with a word based on David’s Prayer in Psalm 51 to “Create in us” pure steadfast hearts.

It’s worth pointing out that under the leadership of Colin Dye (Senior Minister) and Bruce Atkinson (Assistant Minister) over a 1000 Men already meet every week in discipleship cell groups and are thus engaged in a number of the MPower biblical core values relating to a guy’s relationship with God.

The MPower Mission which Comprises 7 key principles through which we can engage the Men in our movement in relation to different spiritual aspects of their lives has Brotherhood and Iron-Sharpening as the vanguard of its goal which are summarised as follows:-

  • Brotherhood – In Relation to Each Other
    Psalm 133 implies that “where brethren live together in unity it’s a place of commanded blessing.” None of us were designed to live life in isolation. It’s a powerful dynamic when guys do “life together” spiritually, socially and in serving together.
  • Iron-Sharpening – In Relation to the Sword and the Spirit
    Proverbs 27:17 states that “As Iron Sharpens Iron so one Man sharpens another”, in my experience the evidence for this is overwhelming and a vital part of our spiritual growth.

Wales Region – Cwmbran

CwmbranThe Guys1200

Victory Church was the setting for another bunch of guys to come together for fellowship and a great breakfast delivered in like a military operation to ensure the men were well fed physically and spiritually. It was a pleasure to pull the event together with Pastor Clyde Thomas whom I have had the pleasure of working with before and my little brother Philip Lyndon-Jones who is the Worship Pastor.

We had a great time of worship and enjoyed hearing some good news stories from around the region including from Ian Williams who has launched an MPower Men’s Group in Cross Hands (Gorslas) where his wife Anita is the Minister.

There was also a great personal testimony from one of the Men’s group leaders in Cwmbran, who was captivated by the symbolic image of the cross positioned on the wall of the church hall where he was working out during his Boxing training. Never having been to church before, he was compelled to find one.

After a little persuading his wife and family joined him as they found Victory Church in came to faith. Praise God!! As we know when a man finds God and a meaningful relationship with Him, 93% of the family are influenced for the kingdom.

The bible is clear that a man influences his family to the fourth generation according to Psalm 78, let’s pray for the men that we influence to find Christ and for the families to follow them.

Midlands Region - Birmingham City Church (BCC)

Donut EatingBCC1100

Simon Whitley, MPower and Enable team member, did a great job of organising and leading this event held on a summer Sunday Evening. It was well represented by a number of Senior Ministers in the region including Mark Ryan (Senior Minister BCC) who together with his Assistant Nick Whittome were tremendous hosts.

I expedited a special delivery of Krispy Kreme Donuts which didn’t last long as they were demolished eventually in a “Krispy Kreme” “Speed-Eating” competition as a fun part of the evening. BCC won!!

We heard some great testimonies from Ryan who was saved by God’s Amazing Grace and a life hell-bent on the nightlife of drugs and clubs in Ibizia; to Simon the “Dump Truck Driver” from South Wales whose life was transformed from violence to victory in Christ.

It is an immense privilege to be engaged in Men’s Ministry across the movement and I always love hearing stories of transformation from “Ordinary Guys” whose lives have been impacted by an “Extraordinary God” (Acts 4:13).

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