Is self-development a discipline in your life?

Duncan Clark is a husband, father and the full-time Senior Pastor of the vibrant busy and missional Coventry Elim Church. As well as a busy robust life, Duncan has chosen to further his studies by joining the Regents Theological College Masters Programme.

There are many reasons why people go to Regents Theological College in Malvern to study. In this series of life story videos, you can meet people from all walks of life who talk about why they are studying or have studied at Regents Theological College and how their studies are impacting their lives.

Helping to keep his busy life balanced and healthy Duncan likes to run, and he uses that time in a unique way! Whilst Duncan has a busy robust life, he has chosen to further his studies, by choosing to be part of the Regents Theological College Masters Programme.

Watch as Duncan speaks candidly about his post-graduate studies in Missional Leadership.

Regents has a wide range of study options from fully accredited and validated University of Chester undergraduate and post graduate programmes, to Regents accredited courses for those seeking to further their studies without needing achieve academic qualifications.

More information can be found at Regents-tc.ac.uk/courses

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