Join the national month of prayer

Introduction to the month of prayer in September

At various times in the journey of God’s people there has been the cry to ‘Awaken’. In Ezekiel 37 God leads the prophet to see a vision of an army awakening, of life breathed into dry bones – a picture of renewal and restoration. It is a reminder of God’s promise to lead His people and the purpose they have in His plans for the world. As we take this month to pray along this theme we cry to God for ourselves, the church, our cities, towns, villages, our nation and leaders, and to the nations of world – Awaken to the love, power and life of God.

As you add your prayers to the prayers of others around our movement and nation, listen for God asking: ‘Do You See?’ ‘Can these bones live?’ God is working by His Holy Spirit and wants us to join in with the story He is writing. What is God showing you as an individual or as a church community?

Come on Elim let’s focus our prayers together and call on God for an awakening in our lives and in our nation.

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