Elim's national departments for prayer and evangelism have collaborated in order to present a one-night or Sunday morning event called LIFT UP - REACH OUT.

LIFT UP REACH OUT aims to help the local church equip people to prayerfully invite friends to events.

A time of worship, teaching, practical resourcing and prayer; preparing people for evangelism and inspiring confidence in the God who responds to prayer. It can work as a mid-week event or as a Sunday service.

Watch this short video to find out why prayer is important and what LIFT UP - REACH OUT involves.

Effective evangelism is a spiritual activity and it must begin with concerted prayer. When we pray, God acts. Prayerless evangelism is as powerless as trying to drive a sports car using a scalectrix engine!

Gary Gibbs


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To find out more and book a LIFT UP - REACH OUT event, contact Judy Warrington -

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