Is it possible to actively engage in evangelism that is effective and sustainable?

By actively creating a journey in our evangelism rhythm we enable those who are not Christians to engage in considering God in a way that relates to where they are. Experience shows that when they do this they are more likely to continue on a journey of discovery.

We have created a three-stage path to help them on this journey of exploration. Big Yes, Little Yes, Healthy Maybe is a God-inspired rhythm for churches to do just that.

By engaging with BY, LY, HM we educate our people to understand that there is a process by which people come to faith showing them a one-size-fits-all approach is not really that effective.

So what is Big Yes, Little Yes, Healthy Maybe?

It’s not a one-off event but rather a culture to establish. It’s about linking all our events together to inspire and complement our church members in their personal evangelism.

Have a look at the following Big Yes (becoming a Christian), Little Yes (investigation), Healthy Maybe (perception changing) performers and events. For help in planning a calendar of events throughout the year, click here.

We've also listed some courses and series here, along with some BY LY HM resources you can buy to help you on this journey.

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