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Free Missions Youth Group Resource

Elim Missions has produced a free resource for youth leaders to use with their youth groups. This 3 part series is designed to engage with young people about overseas mission and injustice, and to encourage them to get involved where they can.

The three sessions ask the questions: ‘WHERE’, ‘WHO’ and ‘WHY’, and explore a different aspect of Elim Missions and how the young people at your church can play a part in reaching the unreached and helping those in need. Each session can be adapted to work with youth groups aged between 11-20.

This is also a great way to gain an interest in overseas mission and find out who would be interested in further developing their understanding by joining the Missions Apprentice Programme.

Raising Up A New Generation of Missionaries

Who do you know that is aged 16-21, is interested in missions and would like to be mentored by missionaries?

Starting in September, Elim Missions commences a new apprentice programme for young people which they can join while still working or studying. Including training days, short-term overseas missions trips, conference calls with Elim Missions Paul Hudson, direct links to existing Elim missionaries, the Missions Apprentice Programme will bring a greater global view to young people.

Each individual who signs up will be inspired to recognise the call of the Holy Spirit on their life and explore the endless possibilities opened up by faith in God.

Open to young people who have just left school, at university or working full-time, this course aims to develop their understanding of international missions alongside their existing work or studies.

Who is it for?

For ages 16-21, this is aimed at those in full or part-time work or study, those who feel like they are still working things out and those who have it all together. It is for all those who are ready to go on a journey discovering the power of Christ across the world and how they can play a part in His plan.

How does it work?

Meetings and training will be at weekends and Skype calls will be organised around your diary. The idea is to journey with you through the everyday challenges of work and study, putting into context how the two can work hand in hand.

What will you learn?

  • Develop an understanding of missional living
  • Develop your knowledge of overseas mission
  • Go on a journey and explore God's heart for the lost
  • Change your perspective and outlook on life
  • Graduate at the end of the 3 years

How much does it cost?

There is a £50 application fee and then £250 each year for the 3 years to cover the cost of overseas trips. One of your tasks each year will also be to raise a target amount of £500. The money raised will go towards all the work we do around the world and you may even get a chance to see where it is used.

Apply Now

To find out more about the Missions Apprentice Programme and download an application form, visit You can also download the free youth group resource using the link at the bottom of the page.

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