June focus on Elim Missions

Each year since 1978, Elim has a special focus on the work of missions in June as it remembers the sacrifice that our missionaries made in the Vumba Massacre almost 40 years ago. The memory of these missionaries is our inspiration to keep going into all the world with the Gospel.

In our centenary year, throughout June 2015, Elim Missions are encouraging you to join them in giving to and praying for our Elim missionaries and partners involved in church planting overseas.

Last June 40 churches responded to the Elim Missions appeal and raised over £32,000 for the Be Church Campaign. This helped to support missionaries and church planters, as well as providing practical tools to share the gospel with those who are in unreached communities around the world.

This year Elim Missions hope to do the same, and more.

How to get involved

  • You can read about the impact of last years BeChurch gift day on the Elim Missions website at
  • Please prayerfully consider giving again to this campaign in June 2015.
  • Choose any Sunday in June to take a special offering for church planting around the world.


Church Planting in Nepal

In 2014, Dr. Keith Warrington interviewed an amazing man from Nepal called Bhab Ghale. Bhab is church planting for Elim among villages in Nepal that have never heard anything of Jesus Christ. You can watch this interview below.

Following the earthquakes in Napal this year, Bhab is doing some amazing aid and rescue work with United Vision Nepal (UVN), including a Helicopter mission two weeks ago reaching some of the more remote villages that were worst affected.

Some of the money donated to Nepal through Elim Churches is going to help the work of UVN where Bhab works.

23 June marks a significant day in Elim's history, as we honour our Elim missionaries and celebrate the work that is happening around the world.
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