Join Aspire at the Better Together Retreat

Aspire, Elim's national womens ministry, has announced it the dates of its annual residential weekend in June.

Entitled 'Better Together', this weekend will take place at the Elim International Centre in the Malvern Hills 12-14 June 2015.

Better Together will be a time to connect as women in the most beautiful of surroundings. With exciting prophetic worship led by Helen Yousaf and ministry from Amana Dye and other speakers, it will a great event.

There will be time to relax on the Saturday afternoon by taking a walk in the Malvern Hills, exploring the vast grounds at the International Centre or taking a swim in the open air pool. The location and facilities in Malvern provide plenty of space to chill and chat with friends indoors or out on the terrace.

On Saturday evening there will be a gala evening where it is a great opportunity to dress up and enjoy a special meal in the restaurant with worship and ministry. The event concludes on Sunday with ministry and communion, concluding just before lunchtime.

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