The MPower Ten-Pin Bowling Challenge

Why not start the year with an MPower social evening to which you can invite your pre-Christian mates for a bit of fun down your local Ten-Pin Bowling Alley.

Send us the print our of your final scores. We will compare your results with other competing MPower groups from around the country and look to set-up a national play-off later in the year. This represents a great opportunity to connect the guys in your local Elim church with each other and to some who don’t know Jesus yet. I guarantee that some great conversations will emerge that plant seeds for future growth in your MPower Men’s Group and your Church – it’s all part of the Brotherhood principle.

Email Us at MPower@ElimHQ.Net

Rules of Engagement

  • Book a lane or two in your local ten-pin bowling facility for an evening week between 26 January to 27 February 2015
  • Invite the guys from your church and a few pre-Christian mates
  • Collect a small deposit for places reserved (Important!!)
  • Remind the guys by text of time and place nearer the date of the event
  • Email the MPower Team details of your event
  • Have a great time at the event
  • Take a few team photo (with a camera not a phone)
  • Send in your best team score-sheet after your event which needs to be dated between 26 January - Friday 27 February 2015 to MPower@ElimHQ.Net Either scan or photograph the sheet and ensure all the details can be clearly read.