The Spirit: Your Story. His Power!

In any new situation, whether it’s learning to cook, skate-board or becoming a student of quantum physics, we must always start with the basics. Knowing the nearness and power of the Spirit is obviously so much more than a study, (the Spirit is, after all, a person, who makes decisions, has opinions and feelings etc.) but in just a few words, Jesus outlines for us some basic truth about how to be successful in the Christian life.

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Spirit: Your Body. His Life.

Centuries ago there were Christians who had such a close walk with God that today we call them ‘mystics’ (although we should all be close to God!). These early Christians used to refer to a habit they called “practising the presence”. This unusual phrase was invented to explain the importance throughout the day of bringing to mind the fact that the Holy Spirit lives within us- all the time.

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Spirit: Your Personality. His Character.

Some people will know immediately what they can do to be creative in prayer. If you’re some kind of artist then you’re probably quite excited about the thought of using your skill as a way of communicating and praying to God. But for others it’s a little more difficult. And that’s ok. We all pray differently, and like we said in the last section – finding and exploring the ways you can express yourself is really important. this is good! So don’t worry if you don’t think you’re a very creative person.

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Spirit: Your Availability. His Gifts.

The Bible is clear- God has given gifts to his people to enjoy. It’s important that we always remember though, gifts are not for ourselves, they are for others. Jesus himself said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.&rdquordquo; Jesus gives gifts, by his Spirit, to the church so that we can bring blessing to others and enjoy him together.

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