Mark Lyndon-Jones is the Director for MPower, Elim’s National Men’s Ministry, a launched as part of Elim’s Centenary Celebrations during 2015.

He is married to Gail for the last 33 years and they have 4 great sons two of whom are married to our beautiful daughters-in-law and 3 grandsons and 2 grand-daughters.

Mark also served as the National Director for CVM (Christian Vision for Men) in Wales. Prior to which he pioneered a ground-breaking Men’s Ministry initiative called the Band of Brothers (Discipling men in the Market-Place) which featured on UK TV. This also led to a separate fresh expression of Church amongst the Drum and Bass night club community in Cardiff, enabling him to connect with a whole bunch of young guys to talk about Jesus and his effect on our lives in a real way.

He also serves as the Senior Pastor to Porth Elim Church in the South Wales valleys.

He’s had the honour of speaking in many settings on Men’s Issues from Curry Nights and Beast Feasts to Men’s Conferences, Spring Harvest, Revelation TV and Elim Leadership Summit & Global World Conference, both in the UK and internationally.

Mark is concerned to talk about and explore the real issues and challenges that men face in the 21st Century. His heart and vision is to see the men of our Elim Movement both in the UK and globally equipped to walk courageously and maturely through the real stuff of life as men discipled in Christ.

He and the MPower Team are committed to developing “Men who Lead Men” and their families with compassion, fulfilling their various roles in life, including serving and playing their part in the context of the local Church and their community and the workplace environment.

He and his team travel around the UK and abroad outlining the heart, vision and commission to Reach and Disciple Men, just as Christ has called us to do.

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Mark Lyndon-Jones