Lift Up exists to equip, intercede and resource, inspiring and facilitating prayer across the Elim movement.

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Lift Up aims to inspire and facilitate prayer across the Elim movement, equip leaders and churches with teaching and support, resource prayer leaders and churches, as well as pray for the Elim movement, its leaders and ministries.

At the start of the New Year many of us will be looking ahead with anticipation. It is an opportunity to commit again to personal renewal, to praying for one another, to seeking God’s will and direction and interceding on behalf of our nation.
June Freudenberg shares some prayer points as the British Exit (Brexit) from the European Union is fast approaching.
Lift Up have released four videos to help you and your church to focus your prayers on Vision 20/20.
The LiftUp team believe it is important to pray for those who find themselves persecuted for their faith across the world.
June Freudenberg shares how to pray for Members of Parliament
June Freudenberg shares how to pray for Judges as they administer and interpret the Law.
June Freudenberg shares how to pray for healing wherever you go.
June Freudenberg share how to pray for the Police who have the task of keeping the peace.