Join us for Engage Prayer on 22-24 March 2022

Engage Prayer has become part of the national rhythm of our Movement. To intentionally set aside time to fast and pray, worship and seek God together. How powerful it is when we come together in unity. Cheering one another on in prayer and seeking God for the places and spaces he’s called us to be.

We believe 2022 is a year of refreshing and release. Time to move forward into all God has for us as his people. Inviting God to come again in power to heal, strengthen, refresh and empower. We believe God is looking for a people with hearts on fire for him – consumed by His Holy Spirit, with a passion for Jesus and a passion to be good news.

We welcome the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to re-fire and re-fuel us:

  • To burn up the dross of an old season, old mindset and old paradigms and embrace the new and the next
  • To come with oil and fire to heal and strengthen once more, to shake off weariness, doubt, disappointment and delay
  • To be consumed with living Holy lives that demonstrate his glory and goodness to a world that needs to know his love and grace

Time for fresh mission

Bible-Plan-coming-soonWe really believe that God has called us to a year of release and refreshing. We think God wants to stir us - our hearts on fire and new and afresh for Jesus, for his mission, for the Kingdom.

So we're inviting you to join in with three days of prayer and fasting to seek God, to worship him, to hear from him, to stand in the gap. To accompany this time of prayer, download our 7-day devotional plan which is available for free.

Discover what is planned


We'll start every day with morning devotions and prayer. Join us on Facebook  Tuesday to Thursday at 7.30am

On Tuesday evening at 7.30pm we've got the brilliant James Aladarin equipping us and encouraging us to live with hearts on fire. Watch on our YouTube channel.


On Wednesday afternoon at 1pm - leaders this is for you! Join together on Zoom as we pray together, as we seek God, as we listen in to what he wants to speak to us prophetically.


On Thursday evening at 7.30pm we've got our brilliant live prayer and worship event that this time is coming to us from the wonderful Elim church at Coventry. It doesn't matter where in the country you are as you can join us online on Elim's YouTube channel. We'd love for you to be a part of the event.

What could be better than gathering with hundreds and hundreds of people? Whether it's in the building with us in Coventry or online?

What could be better than praying, asking God to fill our hearts with a fresh passion for Jesus, so that our cities and our villages and our towns are changed.

We are called to set this time aside. We want God to burn up all of the stuff of the old season and fill us afresh with fire for the new and all that God has for us.

We would love you to join us for that special occasion. Come on Elim. Join in. Let's pray.

Spread the news and invite others to Engage Prayer

To help you promote the Engage Prayer events with your church, in your meetings, on your website and across social media, please download these graphics and videos:


An overview of the Engage Prayer events


7.30am Morning devotion and prayer
Start your day with us as we focus on Jesus and invite the Spirit to lead us afresh
7.30pm Elim Prayer and Prayer Storm
A live equipping conversation and personal prayer time with Dave Newton (Regents) and James Aladarin (Prayer Storm)


7.30am Morning devotion and prayer
Start your day with us as we focus on Jesus and invite the Spirit to lead us afresh
1.00pm    Elim Leaders Prayer - Private session
A special time of prayer with and for Elim ministers and a leaders only Zoom call. This is a space for our Elim leaders to come together and be ministered to, praying with and for one another. Access details will be supplied the week of the event.


7.30am Morning devotion and prayer
Start your day with us as we focus on Jesus and invite the Spirit to lead us afresh
7.30pm Engage Prayer - Live worship and prayer live from Coventry Elim
Host the live stream at your church, use the live stream on small groups or in individual homes. This live event is hosted at Coventry Elim, so you can attend in person or utilise the live stream with your church.

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Our Engage Prayer events from 22-24 March 2022 are now available to watch on-demand.
We invite you and your church to join us to pray together as one movement on Friday 7 January 2022. Watch live on YouTube at 7.30pm.
Join with the whole Elim movement for three days of Engage Prayer in September, culminating with a live prayer event on the last night.
Watch and engage with the morning prayer session from the Elim Leaders Summit 2021 with Sarah Whittleston and Ian Anderson.
Thanks a million says Elim member Michelle Heritage for new role finding answers to prayer.
Will you join us in praying for your Easter and Alpha Online events as together we reach out with the good news of the gospel?
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