Gym workout

What part of the body are you?

Gordon Allan asks you to consider your intentions for church. 

Last September I began a new pattern of behaviour – exercise.

I went swimming every day – 30 minutes and 40 lengths. I enjoyed it and felt so much better for it. Then the second lockdown hit and the pools closed.

I commenced a new pattern of behaviour, the intention to exercise.

Let me clarify, I have a garage full of fitness equipment; an exercise bike, a running machine, a cross trainer, a rowing machine, a weights machine.

I should have looked like a bodybuilder, but the only building that went on in my body was outward at the waist, mainly through munching chocolate. I got out of the habit of exercise and had no accountability around my fitness.

The intention never left me... it’s just that other things happened.

Not to put it too subtly, the Lord has invested much in your life. How are you going to exercise your worship, serving, ministry, gifting and talent(s)?

Men, in this next season of re-gathering will you set yourself up to hear those words, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a little. I will set you over much,” (Matthew 25:14-30)?

I have learned that good intentions are not enough.

My youngest son had an American Football mini-tournament the other Saturday, but not all the team members turned up. This resulted in my lad having to play every move of every game, in four different positions within defence and offence.

He played well, but he was battered, bruised and fatigued at the end of the tournament.

My Bible tells me that the church is a body (1 Cor 12:12-26), with different parts that are all important, and all required to operate in partnership together in order to fulfil its purpose here on earth.

In this post-lockdown time of re-gathering which part of the body are you? How connected will you be? How committed will you be to Christ and the community of faith we call church?

Now is the time to establish and or re-establish the healthy rhythms of joining together, in person wherever possible, to build ‘the body’ and exercise your discipleship mission to grow in God, serve well and lead others to Jesus.

If you are choosing to stay online at this time make sure you contact your pastor to ask how you can serve through online ministry, and make sure you connect with a small group during the week – you need them and they need you.

That is the way any body, team or family works best.

Praying for you as you step into this exciting new season.

First published in the October 2021 issue of Direction, Elim’s monthly magazine. Subscribe now to get Direction delivered to your home.

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