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Is it your time to ‘have a go’, writes Nick Whittome.
When we act on the courage of our convictions and do our duty we feel alive and spiritually broad and tall, writes Chris Shimmen.
Having an awareness of God’s presence will help even during the darkest periods of life, writes Gordon Allan.
Over the years, men's events have touched the lives of many, which is why Mark Lyndon-Jones took a team from MPower to the Baltics.
Darren Edwards, of Ignite Church, Lincoln, outlines some key elements.
You can't treat prayer like a fast food takeaway. The secret is in waiting, writes Gordon Allan.
MPower Director Mark Lyndon-Jones reports following an undercover mission with humanitarian organisation Open Doors.
Heroes of the faith are produced in troubled times, writes Carl Johnston.
Can men get passionate about prayer? Nick Whittome, associate pastor at Birmingham City Church certainly thinks so.
Register your Men’s MPower Prayer Task Force
Mark Lyndon-Jones explains why prayer is top of the agenda this year and how you can be part of it.
Men love a challenge and none greater the call to follow Christ, says Mark Lyndon-Jones.
Men need to track how prayer transforms their circumstances, and even more importantly how the act of praying transforms themselves.
Men love a challenge and none greater the call to follow Christ, says Mark Lyndon-Jones
A group of Elim men will be embarking on an extraordinary mission in May when they travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo.
MPower are starting the New Year with a Good News Story regarding the MPower Curry Challenge.
Prayer may not always be at the top of a man's to-do-list, but it isn't an optional extra, says Gordon Allan.
Surrender yourself to God and invite the Holy Spirit's power into every area of your life, urges Gordon Allan.
Christmas is a time for families to be together, but too many children have no contact with their fathers, says Simon Whitley.
Become a catalyst that releases God’s Kingdom qualities in at least one person who lives within the orbit of your influence.
MPOWER equipping events for men's ministry
Trips like this are life-shaping, as you meet people who rely completely on their Saviour for all they have.
From human exploitation to human trafficking, it’s hard to know what to do.
MPOWER announce a series of dates for 2016 with Rob Parsons OBE.
MPOWER announce a series of dates for 2016 with Rob Parsons OBE.
One of the main issues Rob Parsons wrote about in The Heart of Success is to urge us all to discover what I call our Factor X.
This was the theme of the 2015 men's conference at the Elim church in Rushey Green.
Reports from London, Cwmbran and Birmingham
One of the issues that men face in the 21st century is the easy access to the addictive world of pornography.
Hardwired is the name of the men’s work within Glasgow Elim Church, founded in January 2012.