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Engage in prayer together on 28-30 September 2021

Engage Prayer is an opportunity for the whole Elim movement to join together in prayer, fasting and worship. 

We believe God has given us a mandate to abide in Him and advance His mission to the world around us. Prayer is a vital component in this.

We invite you, the churches and ministries that you represent, to set aside three days in September to pray, fast and worship together as one movement of many churches across the nations. 


Engage Prayer events and resources

From Tuesday 28 - Thursday 30 September 2021, there will be various ways to participate together as a church and engage in prayer.

7.30am Morning prayer and devotions 
[Live on YouTube & Facebook]

Start your day with us as we focus on Jesus and invite the Spirit to lead us afresh.

7.30pm Engage Prayer conversations
[Live on YouTube & Facebook]

With special live guests Debra Green, Keeth Bandara, Harold Afflu and others who will be discussing prayer and taking your questions.

7.30am Morning prayer and devotions 
[Live on YouTube & Facebook]

1.00pm-2pm Leaders Prayer with Steve Uppal
[Live on Zoom]

A special time of prayer with and for Elim ministers in a leaders only Zoom call. This is a space for our Elim leaders to come together and be ministered to, praying with and for one another. The link to this event will be emailed to Elim ministers.

7.30am Morning prayer and devotions 
[Live on YouTube & Facebook]

7.30pm-9.30pm Engage Prayer event 
[Live on YouTube & Facebook]

Host the live stream at your church (maybe with your own event host and live singers to help facilitate the event), use the live stream on small groups or in individual homes. This live event will connect your church with Elim churches around the nations including Chorley, Edinburgh, Portadown, Cardiff and Exeter who are hosting the live event.

Social shareables: To help promote these events, click our social media graphics to view the full-size image, download and share on your favourite social media platforms, church website and emails.

Free devotional download

We have produced a free downloadable 7 Day Bible and Prayer Plan on our theme of Abide and Advance. Please help to share this free resource and encourage everyone to pray together throughout the whole week (Monday 27 September - Sunday 3 October).

Download and share the 7 Day Bible and Prayer Plan.  

Social shareables: To help promote this week of daily devotionals, click our social media graphics to view the full-size image, download and share on your favourite social media platforms, church website and emails.

Join together as ONE MOVEMENT in prayer

As well as this invitation for you to join us for these three days of Engage Prayer, would you also make it known to your church community and encompass it as part of your church prayer programme in September? 

By bringing all our Elim churches together for these three days of prayer, we will have the opportunity to come before God in united purpose and spirit, praying for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done.


Inviting your congregation to Engage Prayer

To help you promote the event with your congregation, in your meetings, on your website and across social media, please download these graphics, video and other media:

Save the date and share it with your church

Will you join us for these three days as part of regular Engage Prayer events which we host every March and September?

Please save 28 - 30 September in your calendar. [Click here to add the Elim calendar to your digital device.] Then plan to join with us as we engage in prayer with the whole of Elim, for the Kingdom, for a fresh move of the Spirit.

We look forward to engaging in prayer with you in just 10 weeks time and more details will follow soon. 


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Sarah Whittleston, 27/09/2021
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