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If your church isn’t reaching young people then together we can start a new youth ministry and build a stronger future…

Here's how it works

Your church and Limitless will be working together actively for up to an academic year (10 months) to establish a youth ministry. A team member from Limitless Pioneers will work with you on location in your community, for the duration of this time.

There needs to be a minimum of 3 adult leaders from your church to be a part of the team – of which Limitless will train, equip and coach these leaders throughout the process and beyond!

We will work together to establish a youth ministry that has the flavours of your local community, that reaches out to unchurched young people locally. This includes detached work, schools work and running a group that young people locally can access.

No matter the context of where you find yourself, whether urban, rural, suburban or (you fill in the blank!), we can work with you, to help you establish a work to reach the next generation.

To become a partner church you must...

  1. Have no young people or active youth ministry in your church

  1. Make sure you have a local volunteer team, made up of a minimum of 3 adults, to commit to the pioneering journey

  1. Commit to the financial investment of becoming a Limitless Pioneers church, including a monthly administration fee to Limitless and a local church launch budget

To help you, we've created these packages...

These are for your guidance. We can tailor a bespoke solution to fulfil your needs if required. Just get in touch.

Package 1 - The LIMITLESS PIONEERS Starter Pack

COST: £100

  • 12 month access to the full Limitless Pioneers Starter Pack training course, including 12 full training sessions and four bitesize sessions.
  • Accompanying user guide to help churches self-facilitate the course.
  • Unlimited number of digital workbooks for volunteer leaders

Package 2 - LIMITLESS PIONEERS Weekly Online Training and Launch

COST: £300 + expenses for one site visit

  • Includes all of Package 1.
  • The Pioneers Starter Pack training course would be facilitated by a member of the LIMITLESS team who will meet online weekly with the local church team.
  • Weekly sessions will engage with the training course, helping the team to contextualise the training and distil it into local action points.
  • The LIMITLESS team member who has been delivering the training will be on location to assist with your launch night.

Package 3 - LIMITLESS PIONEERS Monthly On-Site Training and Launch

COST: £400 + expenses for four site visits

  • Includes all of Package 1.
  • A member of the LIMITLESS team with facilitate three full days of training at your local facility, contextualising the training and working on achievable goals in the build up to your launch.
  • As per Package 2, the member of the LIMITLESS team who has been delivering the training will be on location to assist with your launch night.

Package 4 - Full LIMITLESS PIONEERS Programme

COST: £250 per month + expenses for each site visit

  • Access to the full LIMITLESS PIONEERS Starter Pack and handbook.
  • Fully bespoke team training, both online and at Elim International Centre in Malvern, facilitated by the LIMITLESS team.
  • On-site assistance with community outreach.
  • On-site assistance with your youth ministry launch.
  • Continued on-site help with running the new youth ministry thereafter, for up to nine months, until such a time that the new youth ministry is stable and established.

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