A call to prayer on Friday 13 November 2020

A national day of prayer has been announced which will see Christians and churches uniting in prayer for our communities across the nations.

This special prayer day has been initiated by the Evangelical Alliance and, in partnership with many denominations and church networks, we are calling the whole Elim movement to unite in prayer for our communities during this ongoing crisis.

Elim churches across the nations are already praying regularly into the situation, as we have become so stirred by the growing evidence of God moving us into a fresh place of faith for a breakthrough. On this national day of prayer, we will join with other churches and Christians across the UK, coming together in one Spirit, to call on the One who saves to bring light in dark places, to be the hope to the nations, to bring healing to our lands. 

Online prayer event

As well as encouraging us to pray throughout the day, Elim Prayer will bring the Elim movement together online on Friday 13 November from 7pm to 8pm to raise up one voice in prayer.

This one-hour prayer event will include special guests from different locations who will lead our prayers for the diverse range of communities in which we live. We will also be joined by Elim Sound to lead us in worship throughout the evening and you can download the 'Call to prayer' graphics to help promote the event.

Unite together in prayer

In these challenging times, when all of us may have felt stretched, it is vital that we position ourselves humbly, but boldly in Christ and press into Him for fresh anointing for the days ahead.

We have the opportunity to pray for and demonstrate courage, compassion and radical love in action for our communities, leaders and nations. In this build-up to Christmas, a time that is so significant to all of us, let us pray that the people of God are full of hope, love, light and life.

Join with the whole Elim movement throughout the day on Friday 13 November and for our united time of prayer from 7pm  to 8pm live on YouTube at or Facebook at Both streams will have live chat to interact and share your prayers as we unite together in prayer.

Proposed prayer schedule for Friday 13 November

In addition to our prayer live stream at 7pm, you can follow the Evangelical Alliance prayer schedule to help guide your prayers throughout the day, as well as their prayer ideas.


  • Pray for those in the caring and emergency services, often tired, discouraged and weary.
  • Those in hospital, and those in intensive care.


  • Pray for the bereaved, anxious and fearful.


Pray the Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,

as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, 
but deliver us from the evil one.
In Jesus’ name, amen

Matthew 6:9 – 13NIV


  • If possible, go out and move around and pray for your community, streets and local businesses.
  • Those shielding or in isolation. 

Early afternoon

  • Pray for the church in the UK, that we would carry the gospel, be salt and light.


  • Pray for the poor, unemployed, homeless.
  • Those with addictions.
  • Those struggling with mental health issues. 

Late afternoon

  • Pray for the vulnerable, children, those with a disability and their carers.
  • Those who are lonely.
  • Those who are fearful in their home situation.


  • Pray for those in positions of power and leadership and decision-makers.
  • Join us live on YouTube or Facebook live from 7pm to 8pm.



Lord of grace, 
may your goodness fall in our nations.
Father of love, 
pour out your love on, in and through us.
Spirit of fellowship, 
build and strengthen communities across the UK
Have mercy,
heal our land,
extend your kingdom in our day.
In Jesus’ name, amen


Prayer ideas

Family prayer ideas

  • Help children to draw a picture of their school or friends and family, use the picture to pray for teachers, friends or family members.
  • Walk around your local streets, praying for homes, shops and community spaces.

Declaration of hope 

  • Safely light a candle or place a night light in the window.
  • Reflect about Jesus, the light of the world and hope in the darkness.
  • Spend a few seconds in silent prayer. If praying as a family, perhaps you could hold hands.

Communal prayer

Jesus, we believe you are the victorious one.
We trust in you.
Jesus, we believe you are the faithful one.
We trust in you.
Jesus, we believe you are the risen one.
We trust in you.

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