Practical resources for families with kids

These are strange times we are living in. Church has moved online, families are at home and we are now effectively in lockdown. So how do we keep being a generationally focused church?

Here are some tips for parents, children’s ministry teams and church leaders alike. We are all in this together!

Making disciples

Disciples come in all ages. From young to old, all disciples are precious to God. If you are a parent, first of all, well done! You are doing better than you think. There is no ‘correct’ way of discipleship at home, but hopefully God will lead you in your journey of discovery.

Perhaps though, this is a time for family discipleship in your home to take on a whole new level. If you are familiar with family devotions, we pray that God continues to meet with you as you seek Him. If the idea of being intentional with discipleship at home appeals to you, check out these resources.

Family Together Activities


KKids of Integrity

FREE resource for parents to teach about God’s character at home. These excellent ‘lessons’ offer a variety of themes with enough activities (stories, hands-on fun, creative discipline, crafts etc.) to run with the same theme in a variety of methods for a whole a week.


Prayer spaces in schools

Make your home a house of prayer, these top 10 ideas from prayer spaces in schools are a creative place to start.


The At Home with God 

The At Home with God Family Devotionals will help you to focus together as a family for a set time of family devotions with ideas for activities and reflection together.

Check out these apps


Little Worship Company World

Little Worship Company World - designed to help both children up to 7 years and their grown-ups discover God together.


The Bible App for kids

The Bible App for kids has parent guides alongside videos and printables so you can work with your children to help them connect with the Word.


Guardians of Ancora

A virtual world for ages 8-11 year olds where Bible stories come alive through an interactive game.

Equipping Leaders - At this time, that’s you parents!

Whether you would consider yourself a leader or not, parents are key influences in their children’s lives. As a parent you are in a unique position right now where you are filling more roles than feels humanly possible, but you can do it! God called you into parenthood and he’ll be with you through it.

These free resources will help you to refocus your priorities and share some real-life ideas to ensure God remains at the centre of your home.


Parenting For Faith Course

The Parenting for Faith Course by Rachel Turner brings parenting back down to earth. There are 8 separate online videos which will help you with your everyday parenting skills and how to include faith in all you do.


At Home with God workbooks

The At Home with God workbooks from Olly and Helen Goldenberg are designed as a tool to enable parents to bring God into the centre of their homes.


Tired Dad

In just 3 minutes this Dad shares about how he teaches His kids about God throughout the week.

Growing churches

If you’re a church leader, thank you! Your creativity and proactiveness has been a huge encouragement. It is fantastic that our adult services have move to online formats and perhaps our kids meetings could too. These will look different depending on the age of the child.

If you haven’t already got a team putting something together for the younger generations, there are some fantastic resources out there to help your kids still have a God-connected Sunday.


Elim Christian Centre, New Zealand

Elim Christian Centre New Zealand has put together an interactive programme with 3 different online streams for 1-2 years, 3-4 years and 5-10 years.


Ashbourne Elim

Ashbourne Elim will be releasing a different session every Sunday for kids but also have fantastic resources for pre-schoolers and primary kids.



Shell Perris from Imagine Ministries will be leading the kids venues at Limitless Festival this year. Her online kids watch party is a great all age session for your kids to connect with.


Virtual Sunday School

4 Front Theatre’s Virtual Sunday School is short, sweet and fun. They’ll be releasing a new story every week.

Reaching nations

We are currently going through a global pandemic, not just a national crisis. So let us remember to pray as a family for the other countries who have been affected by coronavirus too.

A few days ago, this powerful post from Mozambique was put on Facebook. God hears the prayers of our children, they are not ‘cute’ they are POWERFUL!

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