Roy McEwen

Why you should always answer in the Spirit

When answering argumentative people, always answer in the Spirit; never answer in the same tone and at the emotional level as they are speaking.

Many people have been told negative stories about the Bible that ‘sound’ logical to them – so logical that some Christians don’t have an answer! Muslims are taught ‘logical’ information about the Bible – for example, that Jesus was a prophet and cannot be the Son of God because God can’t have sex. All logical, in the flesh... until you answer from the Spirit.

Remember, the enemy is a one-trick pony. His strategy is to deceive you. I know it’s popular to say ‘the devil is a liar’, but this is important for you to understand: the enemy doesn’t start with a lie, he starts with ‘deceptive questioning’.

The enemy will never ask you a spiritual question that reinforces what God has said. Instead, he will ask you a question that is flesh-based – a logical question.

Remember when he tempted Jesus? He related every question to the flesh – bow down and I will give you the world – turn these stones into bread. Each time Jesus answered from the Spirit – man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God... a spiritual answer!

I caught a taxi from Terminal 2 after working away for the week and just wanted to get home to spend family time. The taxi driver had other things on his mind. As soon as I sat down he asked me if I was a Christian. I said yes, and he proceeded to tell me about the Quran, and ‘correcting’ the mistakes in the Bible. Everything he said, with my human ears, sounded logical... seriously. But through Jesus the Christ we are born into a relationship of Spirit and truth... not logic and flesh.

He made logical statements, such as God can’t have sex so how can he have a son? We know better, but think... there are people who don’t and will answer in the affirmative because it makes logical sense. However, our faith is based on the supernatural resurrection of Jesus from the dead, a relationship founded in Spirit and truth.

When my driver took a moment to breathe, I took that opportunity to inform him of some historical spiritual facts, basically starting from where he was. That the Bible was written over a period of 1,800 years by over 40 different writers, all talking about Jesus the Christ. Then Jesus the Christ comes to the earth and some 600 plus years after Jesus left the earth Muhammed was born. And the purpose of Jesus the Christ is to restore us in ‘Spirit and truth’ to God. He interjected to ask me if I got the timeline right, I said, “Yes, please Google it.”

After listening for some time, I then asked him, “Who would you believe, someone who was there (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) or someone who heard about it, hundreds of years later?”

He started laughing and told me I was a smart man, then returned to repeating what he was taught about the Bible, but this time he wasn’t so certain... he wanted me to agree with him. On arriving at my house I suggested he read the Bible himself and learn about Jesus and what he means to all of mankind.

When answering argumentative people, always answer in the Spirit; never answer in the same tone and at the emotional level as they are speaking. Always answer in a calm tone and, if interrupted, ask politely to complete what you are saying. “May I finish? This is important for you to hear it in full”

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