Limitless Pioneers - July 2019

Discover the new youth ministry at Cannock Elim

This episode of Limitless Pioneers profiles the Elim Church in Cannock where Limitless launched a new youth ministry.


Limitless Cannock started in September 2017 and Nigel shares the story of what happened during the launch period and what's happened since that time.

Limitless Cannock began when Jamie came along and we as a church leadership recognised that we've got a dearth of young people. They are a key part of the church because young people are so important; every age group is critical.

We not only want to reach young people. We want to reach their families, their grandparents. We want to see families come to know God and to know Christ, and this is the start.

We've got some volunteers from the body of the church and from outside. So some of the people that work with us, three of our volunteers, have nothing to do with the church at all. Really we built a group a team of people that were motivated that wanted to do something and in amongst that team of people that love the Lord and wanted to reach your people. That's how we started.


It's given me people who I know I can trust and go to when I've got a problem.


It gave me a confidence boost.


It helps me go through the week because I get bullied at school and it helps.


It's just having a safe place for the youngsters to come to.

This latest update provides a small insight into Limitless Pioneers, what we are about and what we're up to. We have new videos each month that tell a lot of the stories about what we've been involved in. Please visit our YouTube channel and check out the Limitless Pioneers highlights video.  Watch the video and share the video to let people know what's been happening as we'd love to get these stories out further afield.

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LIMITLESS Pioneers helps Elim churches establish new dynamic youth ministry to transform a generation of young people in their local community.

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