Mark Lyndon-Jones

Relaunching outreach to Estonian men

Over the years, men's events have touched the lives of many, which is why Mark Lyndon-Jones took a team from MPower to the Baltics.

In September 2018, Mark took a small team to Estonia to join with the Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church in Tallinn. Before he left, Mark shared what was planned.

Our mission will be focused on re-energising and encouraging their ministry to men.

Over the years there has been a great tradition of historical men's events and the aim of this short-term mission is to relaunch outreach to men with the gospel and with a view to seeing men encounter God in a fresh way.


I was speaking with Janno Peensalu, the men's ministry leader and pastor, at Elim's recent Global World Leaders Conference in Malvern and this is how he reflected on men's ministry over the years and shares his heart for the up-coming mission:

"I was involved with the late Dr Ed Cole's ministry called Christian Men's Network in 1997, and since then, as a result, we launched our national men's ministry at the former communist headquarters building in Tallinn with 700 men who came from all over Estonia to hear the message that real manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous."


"Many men's lives were touched, as was my own. Years before that I had heard Dr Cole speak on a video and personally felt that God wanted me to hook up with Dr Cole's vision. Seven years later the dream came to pass when the first national men's event was held, and since then the ministry has spread to all major prisons, and to many churches around Estonia and even onto television and radio and other media channels."

"Over the years, we have held countless regional men's meetings, a number of national events and local church men's groups, as well as having books and curriculums published in Estonian, and also having ministered in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and even the USA There are countless testimonies of how God has changed the lives of many men through the hearing of the gospel and the message of men's ministry."


Janno is excited about the MPower team's visit later this month and is believing for a great impact and fresh impetus of the Holy Spirit. Personally, I am looking forward to returning to the Baltic states where I last visited in the late 90s for business reasons and where I now return to promote the gospel. And together with the MPower team I am expectant for God to impact men's lives, and by faith through them the whole group of churches.

Our prayer is for the nation also. After all, Jesus commissioned us to 'go and make disciples of all nations'.

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